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Upcoming Events at Tokyo Antioch Church in This Week and Onward

On Nov. 27th, Sun.
Tokyo Charismatic meeting
Place:Hyatt Regency Tokyo B1F
Lecturer Paul Akimoto Etc.
Nov. 12(Sat.)
Healing Ministry
Nov. 19(Sat.)
Nov. 26(Sat.)
Gospel Ministry

This week's meeting of Pastor Paul Akimoto

  • Oct.24 13:00 Koriyama
  • Oct.24 18:00 Fukushima
  • Oct.25 13:30 Miyagi
  • Oct.26 13:00 Misawa
  • Oct.26 18:30 Hirosaki
  • Oct.28 15:40 Atugi
  • Oct.29 14:00 Machida
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The Real Facts of The Davao Jail Incident Missionary Jackie Hamill’s Martyrdom

This booklet tells of the incident that happened in August of 1989, at a jail in Davao City, Philippines. The inmates took hostage the Christians who came to the prison for a jail ministry. The inmates and the police watched waiting for the other to attack. During the gunfight, five Christians and 16 inmates were shot and killed.
It costs 220 yen.



Wind whereabouts CM video
Zoo Ver.
(It's only now in Japanese)

Time 1:06

This video was broadcast on national television
in Czech republic Documentary video of Sally missionary
(It's only now in Japanese)

Time 6:34

History of Cambodia Orphanage
(It's only now in Japanese)

視聴時間 5:01

Rev.Merlin and TLCCC
(It's only now in Japanese)

Time 15:13

Memories of Rev. Arai
(It's only now in Japanese)

Time 10:19

For family home establishment support

Thank you everyone for prayers and your donations. The family home will be the resident staff caregivers, Hoshimei YuAoi (Yuki Hoshina) Mr., Mr. Foster assistant to Maeshiro Katsuhiko (Katsuhiko white before), Maeshiro Etsumi (Etsumi white before) Mr. determines Mrs. year. Currently, than meeting social welfare corporation mustard seed, which will be the installation mother, it has been promoted ready for necessary equipment in the home and out. We arrived at the stone orphanage of
foundation family home (a branch of almond) support contributions balance is ¥ 2,087,344 (May 6, currently 2016).
5 through the examination of foster parent council to be carried out at the end of the month will be the licensee as a family home. Furthermore caregivers, those who made a child support assistants will receive the foster parent training. Further, because of the licensee, safely continue as Opening will be made, thank you prayers and your support.

■Bank accounts
Account name / NPO foundation for orphanage establishment and support of stone orphanage in Japan
Mizuho Bank Gotanda branch (branch number 120) Account number / (Hiroshi) 2853168