[Church Location]

Our church is located close (10 minute walk) from the Kouenji station Kita-guchi (north exit).

[Church Address]
Third floor, Kaneda building, 2-15-1 Kouenji-kita Suginami-ku, Tokyo

①.KOUENJI Station North Exit No1


②.KOUENJI Station North Exit No2

The police box is seen when going out of
the north exit and taking a right.

It goes north further over the crosswalk ahead of that.

There is previously pachinko shop about the crosswalk.
It goes north to the right hand over the road
on right side of pachinko shop while seeing the coffee shop.


③.KOUENJI Station North Exit No3

When it goes out of the Koenji Station north exit
and it goes north as shown in right side of the pachinko shop

Yoshinoya looks like the left hand, and HotMot comes into view forward.

It turns right here, and it goes straight.

④.In front of the Mikado drugstore

It sees in the right hand when going straight
and the flower shop sees the left hand the Mikado drugstore.
It turns to the left here.
Seven-Eleven comes into view when turning to the right
and going straight because it sees the cafe restaurant at once.


⑤.In front of azuma toori shopping street

Seven-Eleven comes into view when going straight as it is.

It goes straight further in this intersection.

By the way, it is called azuma toori
When turning to the left in Seven-Eleven.

It connects with the shopping street.

It crowds with a variety of highroad artists and musician
When becoming the time of the event.

Because our gospel team also is participating well

⑥.Koenji north 2 chome hall

The Koenji north 2 chome hall is seen the right hand
when going straight further in Seven-Eleven. Children's CS has gone here.

It turns to the left to our church in this T junction.


⑦.In front of a park

A park comes into view to the left hand when turning to the left
in the Koenji north 2 chome hall.

It turns to the right in the T junction at the entrance of this park.

⑧.Back of the fourth elementary school in Suginami

The back in the fourth elementary school in Suginami
is seen the right hand when turning to the right in the park.

It is a church soon if going straight on this road though
becomes a narrow road a little.


⑨.Side of Kanada building

The building of the left hand of the photograph
becomes a Kanada building with the church.

Our church is the third floor of this building.

Because there is no business mind of the parking lot in our church

We hope even the nearby coin parking in the car as for coming.

(It is in the place in which it went north
from along ring 7 and the church a little. )

⑩.Kanada building

Line side seventhly toroidal

It is the front of the building seen
from the line side seventhly the toroidal.

In the building of the parcel delivery company,
the person who can come to the seventh toroidal line is next.

There is liquor store in the next.