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God permitted me to have an apoplexy

I am a pastor for The Light of Eternal Agape Kitakyushu church of the living God. By the grace of God, He permitted me to have an apoplexy. While we were having "fasting and prayer" (Feb. 10 through 13, 2004) on the second night, suddenly my head was very heavy, my right hand could not move, my mouth shape was changed and I was not able to brush my teeth. For a moment I thought I may go to heaven and I would be praying intercessory prayers there. I, however, gave thanks to the Lord thoroughly and went to bed.

Giving thanks thoroughly and led to praise

The next day, I leaped for joy but only after five times I lost my breath and could not be standing so I needed to lay down and continuously gave praise to the Lord. I firmly believe He will turn even this for my good because He only does good. The third day since I started to have this condition, when we were having "practice on praise and prayer" I was told by the Lord that when we sang "the great work of the Lord" to repeat the phrase "Hallelujah, Hallelujah praise the Lord who is great". When we were singing it over and over again, the Lord's presence became strong and while we were singing the Lord touched me and He healed my speech, the shape of my mouth and my right fingers were well again.

Complete healing though prayer

Of course I visited a doctor and went through medical examination. The result from it showed that in a capillary in the left cerebral there was a thrombus. The doctor also told me my blood vessels are not flexible so I needed to take less salt in my diet. At that time my blood vessels were hard in my brain; when I strained myself I felt like my blood vessels might bleed. So then I was not able to strain myself in prayer and could not sing with a loud voice. Before the Kyushu Retreat on May 4, the pastor who was given the authority in our whole church earnestly prayed for my thrombus to be healed. At that moment the Lord touched me and my brain was cleared and I was healed completely.

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My treasure, everything turned to good

To suffer cerebral thrombosis became my treasure. Because I was made broken, weak, humble, and I just became a colt of a donkey to listen and be obedient. My diet changed dramatically. I give thanks to the Lord that He allowed me to have cerebral thrombosis and listen and be obedient to Him and He turned everything good. There was the Lord's hand on everything and He made things for the best. In July, I drove myself from Kitakyushu to attend Hakuba Camp that was 2000 Km both ways. Before I suffer the illness I needed to rest a few times because I became sleepy and tired when I drove 215 Km from Kitakyushu to Nagasaki. The Lord's healing is perfect. The Lord healed my cerebral thrombosis completely and He refreshed my function of whole body and made me young. I give thanks to the Lord for His overwhelming victory. "in everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." I Thessalonians 5: 18.

(Fukuoka,Kitakyusyu-shi ・Israel Okada)

-excerpt from Mikoe Press Journal No 291-
  In church we pray to heal the sick. Do not be shy, please come to the church.