"microscopic colitis" incurable disease that is first case in Japan,was healedI

Going back to the church ?I was away from church

At the age of 20 ,it was 9 years ago, I met Jesus,and was saved. There was interest in praise and worship,I began to participate in the worship by invitation by the Christian woman living in the neighborhood.

At that time, because it was going to nursing school while working, can not quite take the time, I was away from the church while I do not know.

"microscopic colitis" incurable disease that is first case in Japan

A result of medical condition does not subside after that month, at the age of 27, and moving from the hospital with vomiting and high fever and abdominal pain of unknown cause, even repeatedly hospitalized, and transference to University Hospital, it was repeated many tests, and diagnostic I found that with rare even in foreign countries is an incurable disease that was first case in Japan.

It was the "microscopic colitis" is disease. The doctor said to take a large dose steroids, anti-cancer agents, immunosuppressive agents, there are also many different side effects, and doctors do not know, what would be in the future, it was the state that I can not work.

At the same time as the disease, very painful situation and mentally has been allowed. However, because of the difficult financial situation, I was forced to take work high medical costs.

The church in agony ~ I was healed through prayer

At that time, I remembered the woman who invited the church before.The woman had just opened a new shop, I was going to get work there. I had started to go to church again, and inspection data was closer to the normal value, it became gradually reduce drug, My condition became even easier.

However, the symptoms get worse halfway, but I was recommended to stay in hospital forced from the doctor, where it was not possible to stay in hospital financially, I was praying in the church,then the data of the test became normal, I need to stay in hospital no longer . I was able to recover from it, it was gradually recovered both mentally and physically, is now completely healed, returned to the nurse work and to go to the gym every day.

I'm full with gratitude to God, cause HE changed even my disease to goodness.The reason I can life lively and cheerfully now is depend on God's plan that HE made me, whom was away from the church, to be back to Jesus.

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28 NIV)

Miwa Watanabe Yokkaichi-city,Aichi-prefecture

-Quoted from"Mikoe Shinbun" No.320 -

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