The writer (front middle), whose pain and numbness of his left arm for the past 5 years was healed

‘ Had numbness and pain on my left arm since 5 years ago

@I used to be bothered by numbness and pain of my left arm for the past 5 years. I remember that it started one week after the September 11 attacks in 2001. I suddenly had pain on my neck, left shoulder and elbow down to my finger tips and it started to feel numb. It was a totally different type of pain than my shoulder muscle aches that I used to have. I could not sleep because the pain got worse when I lied down. I slept in a sitting position on the bed, leaning on cushions on my back for about one month. I went to see an Orthopedist, but the cause of this pain was not found out. I tried various kinds of manipulative treatment, massages and so on, but the condition remained the same.

‘ Need operation at University hospital?

@One of the specialists told me after examining my condition, 'It might not be cured unless you will have operation at a University hospital.' I asked what kind of operation and I became scared from his explanation. I prayed very hard because I definitely wanted to avoid an operation. Someone introduced me to a skillful acupuncturist, and I started to go there. I could sleep in a normal lying down position after I continued stretch exercises the acupuncturist taught me. However, it worked only up to a certain level. Whenever I worked on computer, I had pain again. The condition was more or less the same.

‘ The pain had gone after 5 years

@There was a healing session during the holy meeting that I participated in by God's Grace. I asked 3 pastors to pray for me for 3 times. Every time they prayed, I distinctively felt the power of their healing. I felt my pain was less and on the third prayer, I felt the pain had temporary but completely gone. In the 5 years this was the first time that the pain had gone completely, although it was temporary.

@ I had the numbness on the next day, but I knew it was totally different kind of numbness. I could slowly stretch the muscle, the function of which was kind of dead before the prayer. I knew that healing had definitely started.

‘ In the middle of the holy meeting in Hakuba camp

@Some pain and numbness remained, but I continued to believe that I would be healed. Then in the holy meeting at the Hakuba camp which just passed, the words of wisdom were spoken through a messenger, 'There is a person whose frozen shoulder was healed.' I thought 'It is me!'. When I tried to stretch my neck after the holy meeting, I found that the pain had gone. 90% was healed with slight stiffness by now. The healing is still on now when I am writing this. God in the holy Bible is the healer. I had experienced that God works on the believer of God's healing. I give thanks for this healing to God from my heart.

New light vehicle was given to me free

‘ New light vehicle was given to me freeII

new light vehicle given free

@People living in my area use cars, because of poor public transportation. My wife and I needed to buy one car each for our jobs. So I bought a second hand light vehicle for a temporary use, because we planned to move to other prefecture soon. It was as cheap as 100000 yen! (U.S.1000 dollars) The car antenna was missing and the trunk door did not stay open but fell down. The appearance looked cheap, too. I was satisfied with the reasonable price because all I wanted was a temporary car. However, the car engine suddenly stopped when I was waiting at a traffic light during the cold winter time. All what I could do was to turn on the engine again to park the car by the road side. After repairing the car, some more troubles occurred. Also, my plan had changed and I needed to use the car unexpectedly longer period than I planned. I started to pray, 'God, please give me a new light vehicle which I can drive without worry free of charge or very cheap!

‘ I want that sort of car

@My father in law had just purchased a new light vehicle and driving happily. I was thinking that I wanted that sort of car in my mind. One day, he told me to scrap my temporary car and suggested to use one of his cars. He probably pitied me driving a poor conditioned car. I expected that he was giving me the car that I wanted, but it was not. It was the light vehicle that he used to drive for his business. I was disappointed again to hear that he gave the new car to my sister in law.

But I thought that the car that he was giving me must be much better conditioned than my temporary car. So I gave thanks to God. In my church we practice giving thanks to everything including good and bad things. I sometimes had disappointment in my life, but I used to give thanks for it.

@‘ I got a new carII

@Half a year passed after that. When we came back from the Hakuba camp, my father in law suggested me to use the car that I liked, instead of the car that he used for business. It was because my sister in law's family had moved out and didn't need the car any more. God knew my wish and answered my prayer at the best timing.

@ There is a Bible verse, 'Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.'(Mark 11:24) I give thanks to God who lives and answers my prayer.

@@@@@@@ Joseph Sanbonmatsu, Fukushima prefecture

|Extracted from"Mikoe Shinbun" 377issue|

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