From that night he was prayed in the church,
His rare disease that
kept shaking his head
since 15 years has completely healed,
also being able to go to high school.
My eldest son, Daisuke had been obsessed with the strange disease that shook his head immediately after birth. We did not know the cause of it at University Hospital, there was also a recommendation of the people, and went every religion, idol worship at the shop, but there was never healed.

In the meantime, 15 years had passed away. Then, the big turning point came to me also my son.

World was in a recession, and issues a variety of disasters, such as never before had happened out. I run a shop of franchise system, I and my son started huddle with my aunt also transformed my life by the bankruptcy of the parent company. I did not know that my aunt was a Christian. That night, my son and aunt and I were supposed to go to the conference room of the gym in Yatsushiro. I knew the first time that there was a prayer meeting of the church.

I went without any previous knowledge, 7-8 people had gathered including us. We heared the gospel of Jesus Christ from the pastor while there were in praise and prophecy, prayer has progressed, we have a confession of faith to without knowing anything. And I was prayed for my sonfs disease.

When my eldest son was around the beginning of the fall on third grade of junior high school, he could not sleep at night, he kept shaking his head. Because of lack of sleep, he couldnft keep studying in just asleep even go to school. It was also very difficult to entrance the high school and to take exam. However, the strange disease of shaking her head since his birth, from that night I was prayed, had completely healed.

Advanced study seemed more difficult, it is now possible to study, its motivation had come to him without a lack of sleep happened no longer, because his disease was healed. We had also been prayed for exam by church.

If he could go, but I thought that may be a kind of place, my son was able to go to high school more than better we had thought. Although we did not know anything, now we were led to the church in surprising and grace to experience the truth of living God, we are spending new life with thanks.

I'm surprised to see that the answer to many prayers of employment, such as that of the house to live. We relied on medical equipment for severe asthma of my daughter, her asthma healed completely, but now medical equipment is getting also unnecessary. We cannot see the His figure, but I sincerely praise the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, true living God, Savior, Healer.

(Masaaki Matsuoka from Kumamoto)

|From Mikoe News PressNo.213|
@@@We wish the disease as cure our Church. Do not hesitate, please come to our church.