Healing of disc herniation

I became herniated disc five years ago. Approximately one month, was in bed unable to move. Then, the operation must be had, the doctor, "there is no guarantee surgery to heal completely," and said it was not surgery. Numbness in left foot, one-year rehabilitation and dragging, you can take the pain was not completely, to the extent we have no difficulty returning to life. However, recently, again, that pain was attacked, is recurrent herniation. When in doubt was whether to join the Israeli team. Now they might be hurt much in bed, God in prayer and fellowship, "to go with your heart" to believe, to participate in the dispatch of faith to be healed always go I especially. And praying to be healed Moraimashita waist Akimoto pastor of St. Paul in the charismatic church meeting. Then the pain was completely healed enough to notice the following Sunday worship. Thank you Lord.

(N. Sumiyoshi, Osaka)


-Quoted from"Mikoe Shinbun" No.339 -

We will pray for your healing. Please come to our church.