Healing from uterine fibroids

Experience of healing
I received salvation in August 2010 and I started to attend The Light of Eternal Agape Sapporo Philadelphia Church. It had been six months since I started to go to the church; I received healing for a hard-of-hearing. I would like to give testimony on this healing additionally. I have had fibroid for some time. I was told about it before I moved to Sapporo from my gynecology doctor. It was small then so he said just keep an eye on it. I was not experiencing any difficulty from it, so I forgot about it.

It became bigger and more of it
I had a medical examination on it in November 2010, and the fibroid was bigger and there are two places. My doctor said they are not big enough to be removed, but I was uneasy because I have been married only one year and we were planning to be pregnant and have a baby. And then, we were different from before, we know God now and we do not need to worry because He is with us. We started to give thanks and we started to ask the Lord for healing.

When there was a time for healing…
 After that I received prayer of healing from Pastor Israel Suga. His hand was very warm to me and I felt the warmth was spread to the fibroid. I knew the Holy Spirit was touching me. From that day on I believed I was healed and confessed that I was healed and also continued to give thanks in prayers.

Through praise and worship
  After sometimes, one morning, while I was still half asleep, I was given a vision, I saw two numbers in white, five and two. They were not from the Bible but I knew it was from the song book "Yasuragi Vol.10". It was No. 52 "By the wound of the Lord Jesus". I thought He was telling me to sing it so I did when I had my devotion time. Since then almost every day I sang this song. I was made to strongly believe that I was being healed.

My fibroid were gone
  In March 2011, I took a test with a hope, and my two fibroid were gone. Hallelujah! It was proven that I was healed by the Lord. I was given opportunity to experience the power of the prayer from the church, and the power of giving thanks-giving and praise. In fact, when I took a Brest cancer medical examination and was told that I have a mammary gland tumor (a berign-6mm). I also have been received healing prayer from my pastor like the one before. I have not been to take an examination after that yet but I have hope that this tumor will also be healed through prayers and giving-thanks and praise to the Lord. I will report to you the result from the examination. I have hope in God, the Lord of healing. I give all the glory to the Lord.

(Hokkaido Ai Sakyou)


-Quoted from"Mikoe Shinbun" No.620 -

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