Reaching out to the children of Fukushima, Japan by building an orphanage

We really appreciate your precious prayers and support.

Because of our vision to reach the children of Fukushima, The Cornerstone Orphanage began in April of 2011 to research the possibility of building a children's facility there.

After the Tohoku earthquake on March 11, we have made several fact-finding trips to evaluate the situation in the disaster zone. And we have also had numerous conversations with a social welfare organization (Mustard Seed Association) that resulted in an offer to partner with us to build a children's facility.

As a result of these things, we decided to build an orphanage in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture which is located in the south of the Tohoku district.




■ As of today, there is a need for a facility for children in Koriyama City. For further information about the project in Koriyama City, please read the report on our website by clicking the following link:

-Report regarding our visit to Koriyama Support Center for Children. (It's only now in Japanese Language)





In Fukushima

In the aftermath of the disaster, many still suffer from earthquake-related anxiety, and are still coping with the destruction caused by the tsunami. In addition, the damage caused by the nuclear accident has been greater than we imagined, and the harmful effects remain.


Fukushima Prefecture

Recently, the news media has reported that a police station has been built near the temporary housing of the disaster victims. Because of anxiety regarding their uncertain future, the number of suicides is increasing. These police stations are meant to play a role in suicide prevention. Since this article was reported on the internet, it has been a much-discussed topic of conversation.

We are also hearing from local residents concerning the importance of building a children's care center. Adults in the disaster area are both physically and psychologically at "the end of the rope". So children as the weak will be left to bear the burden.

Also because there aren't any facilities for children, one of municipal employee said that they are eager to build such a children's care center in Koriyama.

In any case, we have to buy a land and a facility or to be given the land, and to obtain real estate as the owner, not by another ownership in order to start to work for an orphanage. It would be best to be given the land and the facility;

however we believe it would be reasonable to buy them according design standard to build an children's care center.

It costs approximately about 2 million yen including decontamination and maintenance.


Budgets to purchase a children's care center

Therefore we held the second fact-finding committee to build an orphanage in Okinawa. As we had the meeting with the men from the construction company, we have agreed the sum of money for the building.

There are several types of building according to design standard, but, however we are going to build a type of building which accommodates about 13 to 19 children.

In that case, the facility area is about 500 tsubo, the cost is about 1.6 million, and 2 million including decontamination and maintenance.


In fact, we are looking for land in Koriyama city. We're not still sure at the place in Koriyama where we plan to build the facility.

Assuming the land costs 2 hundred thousand yen per one tsubo it would cost about 1 hundred million yen, assuming 4 hundred thousand yen per tsubo, it would cost about 2 hundred million yen. Altogether it would cost about 3 hundred to 4 hundred million yen.

Below are conceptual drawings as the basic type of the orphanage building. They are subject to change according to the shape of the land and so on. However we would like to advance the work as this type.









Please pray for the work.

If you have a burden, please give offerings.

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