Regarding bus

Q. Where will the reserved bus leave?

A. The reserved bus will leave from Tokyo Antioch Church.


Q. When do we have to pay the bus fee?

A. Please pay before boarding the bus on the day.


Q. How much is the bus fee?

A. To be determined one week before starting the camp.


Q. Does the bus have a restroom?

A. No, it doesn't. But we'll make several rest stops.


Q. During the trip, where will we have meals?

A. You can purchase a meal during our rest stops.


Q Is there any cancellation charge for the reserve bus?

A. If you cancel after February 20, you will have to pay a cancellation charge.



 Regarding application


Q. Is there any cancellation charge?

A. There is no charge until Feb 9.
  If you cancel between February 10-15: 30% of accommodation fee.
  If you cancel after Feb. 16: 50% of accommodation fee.
  If you cancel after Feb. 17: 100% of accommodation fee.


Q. Is there the deadline?

A. No, you can apply on the day.
  However after Feb. 10, please call us at 03-5327-5612.



 Regarding room

Q. What kind of rooms are available?

A. Please look at Green Plaza Hotel's website.
   Japanese style (5 people)
   Maisonette (7 people)


Q. From what time may we check in?

A. After 3:00 p.m.


Q. Are non-church members able to attend the camp?

A. Sure, you can.


Q. Is Internet available?

A. You can access the Internet in the hotel.


Q. Are dogs allowed?

A. Yes, but please contact the Green Plaza Hotel for more information.









Hotel Green Plaza Hakuba

12860-1 Chikuniotsu Otarimura
Kitaazumigun Nagano, Japan



TLCCC Tokyo Antioch Church

Hakuba Synerugoi Camp
Planning Committee


FAX :03-5373-1970