Intensive Course on Gifts from the Holy Spirit

"Spiritual Gifts Seminar" will be held between Feb. 26 and 28, 2014.

Pastor Paul Akimoto will be a speaker to teach on the spiritual gifts,
Pastor Paul Akimoto's wife, Fushigi, will be a speaker to teach on prophecy.
After that, participants will take part in each class.
Our elders from TLCCC will teach how to practice the gifts from the Holy Spirit.
You can select the class. There is a class for beginners, too. 
Come and join us freely.


 Each Class

1. All Gifts (Nine gifts)

2. Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Basic Learning on Spiritual Gifts.

3. Function of Prophecy: For beginners
(Those who received a baptism from the Holy Spirit are required)

4. Lessons for Beginners, intermediaters, and advanced level for those who are taking on prophecy class of the Lord’s Cross Seminary.

5. Special prophecy class for seminary students

6. Power to heal (including casting out the evil spirits)

7. Discerning of spirits

8. Gift of Faith

9. Strange tongues and the interpretation of tongues

10. Words of wisdom and knowledge
11. Power to work miracles

 What is Charisma?

The word of "charisma" originates from "charis (grace)" in Greek. It stands for the gifts from the Holy Spirit. It is wrtten about the gifts from the Holy Spirit in the first Corinthians chapter 12 through 14.


There are night gifts from the Holy Spirit. If you are Christian, baptizing from the Holy Spirit, he or she is given more than one of the spiritual gifts.


The Bible says that spiritual gifts are for the church. Therefore, we have to use spiritual gifts within the order of the church. The Bible also tells us to judge them. So we must use them under the order of the chruch and the examination as the basic thing.


If you use the spiritual gifts correctly, you will be able to see God's glory and His manifestations.










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