Alcohol that is free from tobacco, to came worship!

The insulating state was settled with his brother!


Maeda Hideko

In addition to pneumonia, malnutrition

My father is 20 it was already at an early age of alcoholism. My father became a rogue and drinking, out aloud every day, there was even more punch to keep even the mother's blood. It is also often had to call the police about the neighbors too much devastation.

Was beaten with a favor to my mother or me. Mother left the house obsession crop graduate, and I am married, my father came to live alone. And a few years, because my father was drinking too much alcohol without food just not worth mentioning, away causing pneumonia in addition to malnutrition, and was hospitalized in intensive care.

Doctors "do not have any resistance to malnutrition because, if five minutes or five minutes of survival. Please let people see him as soon as possible if you let me see him that" it was said, and to call my mother , was neglected as far as the hatred for his father and brother to the phone was still turned down cold.

"This remains, what remains of the unfortunate death ..."

My father would have been terrible for that family for sure. I hated my father was also. I am only 16 and his mental illness at the age, recognizing that you can not control himself, from its resemblance to his father and such had to worry about my daughter's father thought. "This remains, what remains of the unfortunate death ..." and I think I cried aloud in spite of th on the train and go home.


"Let's receive father. "

When the husband was told to contact father's condition, mother, and younger brother on that night, it was said, "Let's receive the father-in-law when becoming energetic and leaving hospital". The mind was really encouraged, and it got hopes in master's word at this time.

It was said by the doctor three days after. The pass was exceeded by unbelievable vitality. It was said that it is leaving hospital if it recovered well as it was.

His father was transferred to a hospital psychiatric. It is for the treatment of alcoholism.

Father came to drink sake again though it would leave in three months hospital, and life we with families started. It was led to The Lord Cross Christian Center Kitakyuusyuu Church, and the excluded we families believed Jesus in the family and were saved saving after father had come to the house father after about half a year.


gIn Jesus Christfs nameh

Soon after my husband and I were saved, we entered a seminary.? Although we had not told my father anything about church, he would somehow come downstairs from a room on the 2nd floor with no business whenever I was just going to leave home for the seminary after I prepared dinner.? On such occasion as this, he used to be drunk for sure, and would suddenly raise his fist yelling, gWhere are you going?h? He would almost be going to beat me.? Without any reason, he used to be outraged, and seem to beat me at whatever words I would tell him.? Then I would practice what I was taught in the church, gbinding an evil spirit in the name of Jesus Christ.h? Every time I did that, I would be able to a see his face changed to how he looked when he was sober: although the corner of his eyes had been slanted upward, his look would become blank.?

But I thought it impossible for me to evangelize him.? When I went closer to him to tell him about Jesus when he was sober, he would yell at me, gGo away!h before I told him a word.??


gFather, will you believe in Jesus?h

After a while, our family was shown by God to transfer to the Nagasaki Church of the same group, and we decided to move to Nagasaki.? We had to persuade my father to agree to leaving Kikakyushu where he had lived for many years, and moving for a purpose that involved church.? I thought that it was a difficult problem.? However, when I told him, to my surprise, he readily said, gI will go wherever you go.h? God had spoken to my husband from UPeter 2:5, gbut protected Noah, a preacher of righteousness, and seven others.h?
(In those days, we were a family of 8 including our 5 children and my father, and one of our children was a girl named Noah.)

I remember that perhaps a month or two after we moved to Nagasaki, my father kept sleeping and never woke up for three days without eating any food.? I worried and wondered if I should take him to a hospital.? I had been praying for his salvation every day in those days, so I also thought that the time of his salvation had come.?

I remember that before 2AM at night, I was reading the Bible and praying by myself as usual.? When I was just praying for my father, he got up after three-day sleep, entered the room where I was praying, and sat beside me in silence.? I asked him, gAre you all right?? You have slept for as many as three days without waking up.h? He answered, gI drank too much.? I donft remember anything well.h? I told him to go to sleep because it was midnight then, and let him go back to his room.? The next morning, after the early prayer morning meeting (prayer meeting in the morning) at our pastorfs house, I told the pastor about my father.?? He said, gI think that he will probably be saved.h? I agreed with him.? As soon as we came back home, my husband and I went in to my fatherfs room.

My husband frankly told my father, gFather, wonft you believe in Jesus?h? He wildly nodded.? I praise the name of the Lord with all my heart.? He used to reject God so stubbornly and obstinately, but he looked weak and very obedient: I had never seen him like that.? He prayed in a very big voice as he prayed together with my husband, and believed that Jesus is his savior.? He was saved.?


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