The insulating state was settled with his brother!<Part 2>

■Maeda Hideko  


"So they said, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household."・・・・・Acts chapter 31, section 16



Father of Hideko who was alcoholism was made to the insulating state by the family, and done living alone through necessity. Neglect of one's health develops pneumonia in the origin because of malnutrition and it becomes an urgent hospital admission in the intensive care unit. The mind was encouraged, and it got hopes in word Let's receive the father-in-law of leaving hospital husbands becoming painful when thinking, "Like this, or die a very unhappy ...". Saving was received by loving and praying for the family whom the god had while doing the prayer to which the evil spirit was restricted by Jesus Christ's name, He was healed, and it was liberated.

"He wants neither sake nor the cigarette."



Father believed Jesus as the personal saver, was saved, and the main drinking technique continued afterwards.

I noticed because I did for about one week though was in the room of saved father at all the bottle of sake. When it is asked father, "Bottle of sake", it is said, "Came to want neither sake nor the cigarette at that time". I thought that terrible happened. Moreover, children say, "The grandfather and the mind terribly became soft". The father's change was clear even though it saw from whose of family eyes.


Afterwards, the master became a priest and it became a Kobe Antioch church with the reshuffle. Father said to the main day only after it reshuffled it service, "I also went", and it went to the church with the family. It became the first service attendance for father. And, it did not lack in the service afterwards and it attended.

It raised one's arms when it went also to the white horse camp twice, and it admired for the audience and it worshiped. Because the eldest son knew his old father, it was said, "It was not able to be believed that the grandfather raised and admired for his both hands" and saw.

It is sickness permission to new Reconciliation with younger brother is led.

It was safe hospitalized and it operated if it was understood that father was a stomach cancer at being in Kobe, and operated. And, it has gotten pneumonia said that breath is not made good, and it easy to cause after it operates though the operation was safely finished. From the doctor "It is a grave condition. How because of being low-spirited if it introduces it to the son?" It differs from former however, and The prayer might be asked, and it thought. father and I were Christians, and though it was recommended if you requested it from Jesus while thought impossibility when thinking of the situation to date


The younger brother's correspondence worried about father when calling praying as it was warm. The ill feeling before was like the lie.

Younger brother came from Northern Kyushu to Kobe to father only to meet. It has been understood also for father to seem to have been surprised considerably and to be pleased. Father has never seen the child who has two younger brothers.

It seemed to begin to weep that it endured it after it became silent for a while with the face turned below after it heard it like younger brother's family etc. , and began .younger brother to apologize.I current "It raged drinking sake and I was really amusing. Please forgive me."Endure seeming the cry also of younger brother. "Because it understood. It is already good." It was gently answered. Moreover, say, "I wanted .cousin to introduce it my family.", and it was able to be reconciled with younger brother who was the insulating state.

My sickness (mental disease diagnosed as schizophrenia) is healed by believing Jesus, and father has expressed gratitude sincerely chiefly for being liberated from alcoholism giving such reconciliation.


"Will go" is a word.


The day where father returned to heaven.

Father who became silent and went out always called me why, said, "Will go", and went out on the day. It was the last conversation with father. The Bible location of devotion was "He returned to his country. " (Exodus Chapter 18 paragraph 27).

The cause of father's death blocked possession in the throat, and was due to suffocation. It was a face to be not seeming to have suffered restfully asleep though thought it was considerably painful. The people who had come to the type also said the same thing.


I think that I have seen it came to believe in the god because of the long suffering, and everything is made a profit though father suffers despair because it was alcoholism, and spent the long tract of years.

Or, the belief" experienced through saving father as for add is a big escutcheon to follow chiefly and to walk. We wish sincerely to express our gratitude chiefly, and all the glories are returned chiefly.

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