Empyema healing!

"There is nothing impossible for God"
I believed this Scripture, and God performed many miracles in my life. Actually, Japanese blood is in my body. Is my father Japanese? No, my father, my mother, my grandfather, and my grandmother all are Chinese. Why then do I have Japanese blood in my body, it is because I became sick in Japan and I was given a lot of blood transfusions while I was in the hospital. My sickness was an Aplastic anemia, and it is an incurable disease. When I was told about it I was very surprised and my heart was pressed with hopelessness and I did not understand why I had to suffer like this. Even though, I met God in the hospital's aseptic room in Nagasaki, it was the most happy time in my life.

An attack of an incurable disease; "Aplastic anemia"
July 16th 2003 I was hospitalized and was put in an aseptic room. My Chinese friend sent me an e-mail in Japanese which read "Why don't you believe in God?" I did not know about God then. And it continued "There is only God who can save you now. God loves you. He surely saves you, so have peace of mind." Actually at that time I was in agony. I wanted to commit suicide but I did not have strength to do so. My body temperature had been 40 degrees Celsius for a week and I asked my doctor "Is there anything better to treat me with?" He said "we did everything, now we just wait and see."

Intercessory prayers from the church
My friend told me that all the church people are praying for me with fasting so I am going to be fine. There was a miracle the next day. My body temperature came down to 37.9 degrees Celsius. From that time I began to understand about God. The pastor and his wife came into my aseptic room and prayed for me. I did not understand any of their Japanese, but I felt a something strange power came into my body.

The Baptism in the aseptic room
  After that I became better gradually and on August 17th 2003, I, a Chinese, received Baptism in an aseptic room in a Japanese hospital. He used the water which was disinfected under the ultraviolet rays to baptize me. When I was removed from the aseptic room to a regular hospital room another pastor and the church people came to pray for me. And I was very thankful for them. It was a painful time being hospitalized but they comforted me and I was able to have a happy time there. My body became better every day and when I was discharged brothers from church came to welcome me.

Going to the church
  I remember the day I went to the church for the first time. It was my first experience that I was welcomed so well by others. Those people in front of me prayed for me with fasting! I began to understand this strange power. From that point I became a family member of the church. I sang the praises in front of people and gave testimonies and had happy times there. It was so wonderful to attend the church. I clearly understood Jesus was always watching over me.

The blessing to be connected with the church
  As I became well, my faith became weakened. I started to think that God okayed me not to attend the church. One Sunday I did not go to the church, instead I went to my friend's house to use his computer, but his computer did not function well. On the way home, I was given a ticket for a traffic violation. Another time, when I did not go to a night service, I had a traffic accident. Recently on Monday, the next day when I was absent from the service I was given a ticket where I used to park my motorcycle, that was a safe place to park for the past whole year. People at the church said to me "you are loved." Going through all that, I learned the lesson, it is important to be connected with the church. From now on I will be faithful.

The blood platelet count was only 2000
  My sickness was recognized as an incurable disease and my doctor told me that the blood ingredients, hemoglobin and blood platelet going back to normal would be very difficult. My doctor, however was very puzzled to see the result from each blood test and he could not believe what he saw. While I was at the hospital my doctor told me that the blood platelet count should be in between 150 thousand to 450 thousand. And for your case if you have 50 thousand blood platelet counts then you are safe, but to have more than 50 thousand counts would be very difficult. Since I believe in God, my blood platelet counts started from 2 thousand and the counts became more and more and they counted to 50 thousand. Then the doctor told me that I am okay but I need to be careful for any bleeding and just 50 thousand is not quite enough, but then I was able to be discharged. After that my blood platelet counts went up to 98 thousand, and my doctor was very surprised and said it is wonderful, you have this much, you are fine. It is enough. And the same time he also said it will be very difficult to have more than that. The normal hemoglobin should be 13.7 to 17.2 but my worst count was 5 to 6. I was told to have it more than 9 but last year my count was 13.6, it was within the normal count. My doctor was surprised about it and told me I was not anemia any more. Since then my hemoglobin and blood platelet counts still went up.

The blood platelet counts went up to 130 thousand
  My recent test result showed my blood platelet counts was 130 thousand and hemoglobin was 16.7 and my doctor said if it goes up like this you do not need to have medicine any more. He used to say it is very difficult to have more than 100 thousand blood platelet counts but my hemoglobin was within the higher normal. My doctor was very surprised and asked me if I am eating something very delicious? I have not eaten anything special but I understood. Just the love of Jesus was poured into me. None of the incurable diseases are incurable in God's hand. I wish to use this God given new life for God. I give thanks to God. May many people be saved through my testimony and my praise and pray that also many diseases are healed even from any incurable diseases. May God's glory be revealed. May God's name be glorified and come revival. Amen.

(Resident of Nagasaki, a student from China)


-Quoted fromMikoe shinbunNo.365-

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