Healing by God

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Healing of Beniyamin (Benjamin) Date:11/7/31
The Dead Part of the Brain Recovered! : Healing of the Cerebral Palsy
Salvation and healing from iron-barred protection room

Variety Healing testimony

I was able to praise God with both hands raising high, though I had suffered cerebral palsy and myasthenia
Rare disease that kept shaking his head has been completely healed Date:13/04/05
Healing from the "Adult-Onset Still's Disease" incurable disease Date:13/03/29
"Microscopic colitis" incurable disease that is first case in Japan,was healed!Date:13/01/25
Be led to church, then be healed depressed state Date:12/06/22
Charismatic healing grace at Camp Hakuba. Pain and swelling of the feet healed Date:11/12/23
Healing of disc herniation Date:11/10/14
Among them back to the church. Healing of the TMD Date:11/7/22
My long suffering numb arm was healed Through the gift of wisdom!! Date:11/7/6
Healed cerebral infarction.~Everything was changed to gain~Date:11/6/29
Wisdom tooth missing smoothly Date:11/6/10
Healing from uterine fibroids Date:11/6/1
Sequelae of epilepsy and learning disabilities Date:11/5/27
Released from alcohol and cigarette Date:11/5/18
An incurable disease: Healing of an Aplastic anemia Date:11/5/14
Healing of subarachnoid hemorrhage Date:11/5/6
I was protected by huge Tsunami ~Thanksgiving days~Date:11/4/15
Back pain healedDate:11/4/9
I was made a new creationDate:11/4/1
29-year truth and salvation through the healing Date:11/3/12
Told in the words of wisdom through knowledge and charismatic holy meeting Empyema healing!"Date:11/3/12
Healing from nephritis"Date:11/2/25
Esophageal cancer is healed! Doctor said, "Life After God Only Knows"Date:11/2/18
In God’s protective hands "Healing of schizophrenia"Date:11/2/18
Congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction was completely healed through joining Hakuba Camp onlyDate:11/1/7
Elderly former doctor was saved and healed!‘We need God’s help for this problem.’
‘Sir, let’s go to the church.’
Slipped disc was healed Date:10/12/31
Cancer is healed Date:11/2/4
Well the real mother's face Date:11/2/4
Asthma is healed Date:11/2/4