The aftereffects of epilepsy and learning disability

In September 1987, I was born in a University hospital that was located at the outskirts of Osaka. I could not get out of that hospital for half a year, because I got attacks of hypoglycemia caused by pancreas hormone abnormality. My brain was lack of nutrition and a part of my left brain was damaged. I had an operation of 33 stitches on my stomach to take pancreas out. I could finally go home in March after all the treatment that took half a year. As the aftereffects of the disease called 'Nesidioblastosis, I had epilepsy and learning disability, which resulted me to obtain physical disability certificates for both of my disabilities.

Entering into God's great glory
 When I was 4 years old, my mother left my father by a certain reason and started to have a new life with me. We started to live in Hiroshima, which was a new place for us. My mother used to tell people, "It is like hell to stay in the former place, it is also like hell to leave the place." But my mother was very strong. She always overcame problems with smile so that I would not see her tears. I used to feel that there was a great superpower working behind her. I witnessed, heard and learned that the true God of trinity caught her and never let her go. One of a lady of the church that we used to go to told my mother, "You and Shigemi will enter into God's great glory. God has prepared to do so." One and half years later, which was in March 2000, my mother's old friend's family moved to Hiroshima from Tokushima. And we started to go to their church, The Light of Eternal Agape.

Surprise from God
Since my mother thought regular schools does not suit me, I went to the school for disabled students for junior high school and high school, where I saw many more seriously handicapped children than me. Since that time I was able to live as I was, not stressing me to be like other normal children. My mind became peaceful slowly. Listening to the funny message of a cheerful pastor had become the essence of my energy. Jesus was living in my mind. I felt that I could simply look straight and walk forward. There are a lot for me to thank God for His surprise on me. Since I was baptized by water on the 8th September 2000, I, who scored around 30 marks usually in the school exam, could constantly score 80 to 100 marks and I, who could not read music notes could play the praise songs from the CD, "Yasuragi no Uta" on piano by listening to them only.

Got job at one of the best local company
I graduated high school department of Hiroshima School for Disabled in 2006 and got job of permanent position at the head quarter of 'Deodeo Electrical Appliances', which was one of the best local company. The other day, after 2 and half years past after my graduation, my former form teacher of the high school told me," we were expecting someone after you who could successfully get good job like you, but there was no one." When I was a 3rd year student of junior high school, Pastor P prophesized to my mother, "Your daughter will be your helper spiritually and physically much greater than your expectation." And at the same time that I graduated my high school, my mother lost her job, which made my salary very helpful to our household. Also, my mother is very well encouraged by my straightforward words, which does not flatter to this world

My workplace is a pleasant and enjoyable place!
My colleagues are very lovely people, who are just like the people in The Light of Eternal Agape. So my workplace is pleasant and very enjoyable. Since I am in charge of CD and DVD section, I can enjoy various genres of music for a whole day and I can see a mini live show of newly debuted artist sometimes. I have seen famous people like Hikawa Kiyoshi, Maggie Shinji and so on coming to buy CDs and using the toilet near the CD and DVD section. That is because my workplace is the HQ of Deodeo Electrical Appliances, which occupies the best business location in Hiroshima. My duty is to put arrived CDs and VCDs into cases and plastic bags with logos, to pass and receive baggage. It looks simple but it is actually quite a heavy work. But I got tough by this heavy work.

"I will give relics to the girl. Keep on writing."
  I noticed that God used to give me messages when I was resting during hard work. I recalled that there was a prophecy, "I will give relics to the girl. Keep on writing." When I was working, when I had problems to cope with and could not find anybody to talk to, and when I just felt like writing, I started to write down any words that I came up with. Then, there were signs and words of encouragement from the Lord through people and events directly to me. I tried to write all the memos into one notebook. Now I am constantly encouraged by the notebook. Jesus knows what is going to begin and what will happen at this place. Let us just read the scenario the Lord has written and partake it! All hardships and sad things are part of His plan. The one in charge of our life is Jesus. If we receive blessings from God, we have to receive hardships, too with thanksgiving. I want o pass all the tests from God until I will be the member of heaven.

"Jesus' hands were on a little life, and I was saved. If my mother did not pray at that time, I was not here on the earth now. I was saved because I accepted Jesus at that time… Long time passed by. I am on the earth now because my mother believed. You answered her prayer. So I can laugh and cry. Hallelujah my savior, Jesus my Lord

"Even the most beautiful gem become just an ordinary stone, compared with you, because you only are the wonderful, beautiful and great one." "What you can see is not the truth. Look around you carefully. Do not lose the most precious words among all the words that you can hear. Listen carefully. Listen very carefully. What is your mouth for? Remember. Do not use your mouth to hurt people, your brothers and sisters, But use it to speak about me. Use it to speak about me to those who doesn't know me, Use it to praise God."

(Hiroshima Ishikawa Shigemi)
      -Quoted from mikoe shinbun no. 500-

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