Empyema healing!

10 years ago, a dentist told me that according to the x-ray the root of one of my wisdom teeth touched a nerve. So, he advised me to be admitted to the University hospital in the future where I would have to pull out that tooth. Since then I prayed to God that the tooth would not decay and not have to be pulled out. In the case it would have to, it would be pulled out normally at a dentist was also a prayer. I had been brushing my teeth very carefully and at the same time, I had been praying God to change the way my tooth grows.

However, the tooth decayed. I went to a dentist and explained my situation. After the x-ray, the dentist told me that the tooth does not touch the nerve and can be pulled normally. But he said that he might have to cut the gum or it might not be pulled nicely because of the abnormal way it grows. Before the operation, I prayed to the Lord very hard that the best would be done through the dentist, that it would not be painful, and that it would be pulled smoothly and nicely.

  During the operation, a peaceful thought that this tooth was made by God came into my mind because God touched my mind. The tooth came out smoothly and quickly. Since the dentist told me that it might be painful for about one month, I prayed to God that it would not be painful. Then, the pain dissipated after several days without taking any painkillers, although I did have slight fever. I thank God very much.

(Chiba-Prefecture/Saito Yukari)


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