Elderly former doctor was saved and healed!

To the church to be healed

@@ "The grass withers and the flowers fall. But the word of our God stands forever" Isaiah 40:8

@On September 2, 2009, the former medical doctor Zenjirou Kimura (age 80) es headache was healed during Hirosaki Charismatic holy meeting.?? He accepted his salvation on a day before and was lead to the church meeting seeking to solve all the problems such as memory disorders, persistent headache and so on.?? I, an employee of this doctorfs household had been praying for the Lordfs help and proposed him, eWe need Godfs help for this problem.? Sir, letfs go to the church.? People are being healed one after another in my church.? Letfs go there and be prayed.f My boss said, eOKf.? However, there were few problems for him to attend the holy meeting.? He needs someone to fetch him from home and accompany him during the holy meeting because of his old age and memory disorder.? However, there was no one.? The holy meeting begins at 7 something in the evening, which is when he finishes his dinner and is about to sleep.? So he tends to forget the holy meeting.? However, God has given help to him and he finally could attend the holy meeting.

The Lord has plan on youc

@During the ministry, a message of wisdom was given to him through Pastor P.? Pastor P said,f all the problems comes to you because you always complain, eI am tired of everything.f? Give thanks to each of the things that you are tired of.f? Mr. Kimura, who used to say, eI am tired of everythingf, after his wife passed away was shocked that Pastor P pointed it out.? The message went on, eAlthough you are elderly, the Lord has a plan on you and you have service to do.f This message touched Mr. Kimurafs heart deeply.
Mr. Kimura said he sometimes hear Godfs voice, eYou have service to dof. ??Every time he hears this, He thinks that he cannot die yet. And he has been asking God what he is called for.

Headache pills and Hypnotic drugs not necessary any more

@He used to have headache just like heavy stone was on his head because of tranquilizer and hypnotic drugs. However, after the holy meeting he said many times, eI donft feel heavy on my head and there is no more pain after the pastor prayed for me with his hand on my head. Why?f He never took the headache pills and hypnotic drugs after the holy meeting. He also said,f I actually did not really believe, but now I know that there is God.f Three days later, He went for brain MRI examination to find out the cause of memory disorder. The doctor said, eAlthough there is partly infarction on your brain, your brain is normal for your age. Once-a-year examination is sufficient for you.f Mr. Kimura actually worried that he had cancer and he thought that that caused memory loss. However, he also expected that no problem would come out after the examination because he has no more headaches.

Touched deep into the heartc

@ Since his wife passed away suddenly in April 2009, he used to blame himself as a doctor and he lost meaning in his life, which is why he was tired of everything and lifeless. He got lonely by losing his wife and had to live alone suddenly. In despair he blamed himself and thought that his wife might have committed suicide by taking drugs. Being touched by God deep in his heart and being saved, he told me two weeks after the holy meeting with happy face, eNow I know that it was not suicide, although I thought it was suicide for a long time. God made me known about that this morning. e The Lord has pointed out the most painful part of him, dug it out and released him from it.

Released from fear

@@ He bought his bible before his salvation on the September 1st because he has read the sharing written by wife of one of the pastors on the website of the Lordfs Cross Christian Center. It says that her motherfs sickness was healed after she praised God and read bible everyday and attended the Sunday worship service regularly. He was inspired by that testimony and started to read bible and praise God, finally he accepted salvation before he was prayed for the healing. He was in the middle of troubles, which are unexpected death of his wife, uncertainty and loneliness of his life, fear of memory loss, troubles around and sleeplessness that come from fear. Mr. Kimura keeps on telling his testimony of Godfs wonderful healing to anybody he sees. The Lord answers to, gives power and ceases the fear of the one who seeks Him. I give thanks to our true Lord and praise His name

iSuzuki Eiko, Aomorij
. Note: This article was written by Ms. Suzuki Eiko with permission from Mr. Kimura Zenjirou.


-Quoted from Mikoe Shinbun no.552-

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