Esophageal cancer is healed! Doctor said, Life After God Only Knows

Going to the church through my father's sickness

I believed in Jesus when I was a child and attended a church and then drifted away for a long time. I sometimes attended a church and then drifted away again, I was not faithful. During those days my father was diagnosed with esophagus cancer and I thought only God can help so I went to the church. His doctor told us that he was in an early stage of two in the scale of five so he would be fine when he underwent surgery. My father refused to have surgery but all of us suggested him to have surgery and he did. In the morning he was going under surgery I gave thanks to God and my sister and I placed our hands and prayed. We were told that the surgery would take four hours but it turned to a big surgery and it took nine hours. He also took time to recover, he was supposed to stay at the hospital for a month but he stayed four months and most of the time he stayed in ICU. All the church people prayed for him.

The cancer cells spread to the lymphatic system. It seemed there was no-way-out

I was surprised to hear my father ask me to take his charm from the house to the church and destroy it. I was sure God was changing his heart little by little. He was not so well even after he was discharged from the hospital and he had difficulty in speaking. When he went back to have an after-a-month checkup he was told that the cancer cells were spread to his lymphatic system; and all of us were shocked.

Father continually refuses to attend the church

@There was a charismatic meeting before he was going to be hospitalized for the second time. I felt I needed to take my father to the meeting who had not much to lose and I called him a few times "let's go to the church today," but he said I have something else to do and I cannot come. My children and I prayed in the car and gave thanks many times to God for Grandpa is not coming. We did not give up and we went to the house to get him. He again said that he was busy so he could not come with us. As I gave thanks to God, I told him everybody is waiting for him to come, then he got up without saying anything and got into the car and attended church.Halleluiah! God worked in him.

Salvation and complete healing

As my father was getting inside his eyes were filled with tears. At the charismatic meeting my father believed in Jesus and he prayed the confession of salvation. He also received a prayer for his healing. He was hospitalized the next day. While he was in the hospital he read the whole Bible seven times. Every time I visited him he told me what he read that day. After five months his doctor told him his cancer had all gone. My father was healed completely. There is nothing impossible for God and He turned everything for good.
Through my father's sickness my children and I returned to my church and my father and all were saved and his cancer was healed. Those who experience God's love, grace and power will never turn away from God and His church. We wish to serve Him from now on. Satomi Ikemiya and her family

Ye be troubled mind

@One week later the hospital, I get test results. Teacher, "I still have roots and recommended surgery," I was told. We were shocked. However, the devotion of the day "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in me" (Gospel of John Chapter 14, Section 1) Spoke from. "Yes, I'm fine!" And faith is given, thanks again to trust the Lord to give up praying in a church, so that you do surgery without God asked to be healed. A week later, to take a description of the surgery, Dr. Dean went away. Then, "the cancer cells without surgery, so I do not see anywhere," it is said, we are surprised. I was impressed with the truth of God.

"Later Life, God only knows"

@Finally, the teacher was told the manager. "Miura's life after God only knows. What happened to live next to the field of God. We are not there to intervene" and. At that time, can be confident that God had intervened again for sure in this matter, again, thanks to devoted to God.

Complete healing of the Lord

@After discharge, the mother two weeks later, returned to work earlier. The month was in the hospital for esophageal cancer, as if it was a dream come true, and work fine. Everyone at the workplace, "says Tsuneko, you're doing . Rarehen believe it was cancer of the esophagus" has been said. Recently, three months after discharge there was a test. Diseased roots seemed to have left have disappeared completely from your Doctor, "I'm healed nicely -" I was told. God has healed me completely. Allowed before the disease, the mother tended to break the church, now also now Tuesday through Sunday worship service without fail The. I will return the glory to the Lord.

Miura Eiko, Mie

|Quoted from mikoe shinbun No. 603-

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