The other day when I was talking with a friend I found out he had misunderstood about our son, Hajime for 29 years.  About three years ago we had a charity concert for the Corner Stone Orphanage in my hometown.  I invited our old friends to the concert and I also told them our son was going to sing as a member of the gospel group.  In their mind they could not believe Hajime was going to sing.  Up to that point they thought Hajime had some kind of impediment.  I came to think; every time I spoke with them they asked me how my family was.  I just answered we were fine.  They hesitated to ask about Hajime, and for 26 years I just answered just like that.  I did not think about it deeply but that time finally I understood the reason.

My oldest son was almost stillborn
Hajime was born at a private clinic and it was a hard labor; he was almost stillborn. He had been taken to the Japan red-cross hospital and was placed in the ICU. When I went to the original clinic, I was told to go to the red-cross hospital immediately. I could not understand what had happened at that moment and I saw my new born son was in an incubator. The doctor told me there was little chance he could survive. His naval string was coiled around his neck three times and the labor took three hours, so then his lungs were filled with the amniotic fluid. I saw his chest x-ray that was white. The doctor told me that they would do their best but he asked me to sign on the paper that I would not sue them and he also said that I should name him quickly. After that the doctor tried to get the fluid out but it did not come out. The doctor said that tonight is the critical time, my head was blank.

The intercessory prayers from the church
 I made a harsh protest against the doctor; I was not a Christian then. My wife saw our new born son, Hajime and she thought he may not have a chance to live so she called the church. Many of her church members prayed all night through. My wife had also prayed for the baby without sleep. God answered her prayer. The amniotic fluid in his lungs came out that night. It was the power of God. My friend saw my wife was dead tired and Hajime was in the ICU, he could not ask for more information about his progress. I had not said about the miracle of what God did and it had been 26 years. He thought because Hajime had some kind of obstacle so that I became a Christian. I think he thought when I became a pastor it was all connected to Hajime. I finally told him that my wife's church earnestly prayed for him and with the mercy of God he was healed. When my wife was discharged she asked her doctor if it was a miracle and his answer was it was almost a miracle. That kind of situation more likely he would have not lived but he survived and he said that the baby has a special reason to live in this world. My son, Hajime serves in a gospel group called Gifts. My friend was very happy to see him singing and he called the local news paper. The next morning we read the article about the charity concert in color.

Through the work of the healing
  I freshly remember then. I was not a believer then but after four months; because of his healing I started to go to church. A healing is a wonderful thing. A person who received the healing and his or her family also have an opportunity to know God through it. The times like these, God wants to reveal His work of healing through us, followers and believers. I give all the glory to the Lord.

(Chiba /Ann Urushima)


−Quoted fromMikoe shinbunNo.608-

We will pray for your healing. Please come to our church.。