Empyema healing!

Sharp pain in the tooth to the hospital
It is the year before last August. I will, because of sudden pain in a tooth, suffered a medical examination at the mouth of the surgical cavity aerial Omura Municipal Hospital. Therefore, CT (computed tomography), received a check. And it turns out, there is a crack in my back teeth, was that there was inflammation and pain caused by bacteria from entering it. At the same time, also found that it is a disease which causes the accumulation of pus sac cattle. In fact, the sea have a lot of pus in the back of the nasal cavity, CT was reflected.

Surgery was recommended
And leave it like this, because the worse, the doctor was recommending surgery. Hospitalization and surgery and one week, take money from it, I will immediately think that it could not have surgery. "Please come to my mind is arrive for surgery," said the doctor was away from the hospital since then. Nevertheless and for the pus flowing from the back of the nose and throat, cough were often paid to the state. I am in the church, to the work of the gospel. Then go out to shopping malls and various places and institutions, I sing gospel, in its present condition, you will also affect the singing. To leave this state wanted to do, to God, not really We prayed for the palm. Prayer to be healed without surgery, if surgery must be if you were looking for God to be given to the costs of surgery.

Knowledge and wisdom from God's word spoken
  Intact, month has passed. And last October, was held at Nagasaki Holy charisma. Spoke the word of knowledge and wisdom from God by pastor Paul Society Sono Satoshi Akimoto. "Nose reported comes the bad. It was healed." Spoken word was short, the word sounded in my mind that strong. "This is my thing," I thought. However, there was no sense that there may soon healed at that time, as the days passed, I got that far away from my memory.

Empyema was cured
  In early January of this year over the past two months and then a cold sore throat, phlegm cough, nasal congestion is so bad, I went to School In this throat near the throat ENT. At that time, "has been recommended surgery in empyema" It also says, seek a doctor, I was diagnosed. X-ray results, the doctor said, "Do not worry it at all. But if you would have white empyema cavity at the back of the nose is clean. Empyema no doubt" was clearly told . I heard the test results, surprise, Agamemashita Lord. At the same time told in the Holy charismatic meeting, I remembered the words of knowledge and wisdom. At that time, was told, "reported comes with a bad nose. It was healed," The word, I knew it was really from the Lord. The truth of God I did not just jump in the sense of relief and joy 上Garan healed. God answered my prayers to the truth was expressed that the work of complete healing. I went to the hospital for treatment of colds, I could come back full of joy. Now without paying suffer from coughing, I can give praise to God. And was invited to many places, I can sing gospel. Praise the Lord! Work of the Lord's healing great! Main return to glory

(Nagasaki /Israel Tsujigou)


−Quoted fromMikoe shinbunNo.609-

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