I was made a new creation!

I enjoyed gambling, alcohol and cigarette since young and I could not imagine my life without them. Although I often went away from God, He has created me a new creation by his mercy and grace. I believed Jesus Christ and was saved 14 years ago, and was baptized on the 1st of January 1998. I used to think that Christianity was nothing to do with me because it was foreign religion. However, my wife was saved first and I also started to go to church by my wife's recommendation. At that time, me and my wife's relationship was not well and all the family members were unhappy. We were about to divorce. I enjoyed gambling, alcohol and cigarette since young. I started to sniff thinner during my junior high school days and I was drinking alcohol every night during high school days. That is why I could not imagine my life without them. In the church I came to know that I was not supposed to get involved with gambling, alcohol and cigarette. Although I wanted to stop all these, it was very difficult to actually stop them. It was not only these habits but also my whole life that went against God. I was challenging God all because I was ignorant. I think I was testing God, although there is a scripture, 'Do not test your God.' Actually I was shouting at God, 'Change me if you can!' Now, I know how silly I was.

Away from God and suffered from increasing debt
I was led to dedicate myself to God and started to learn in the theology college. However, I still could not concentrate my mind to God, and I could not stop cigarette, alcohol and gambling. Also, I put my work first and I stopped going to the theology college. My mind was away from God and I tended to be absent from the Sunday services. It was because I ran away from God that I had problems both in my work and family. The debt of my construction company kept on increasing. I also liked pachinko, which is a pinball type gambling game. I went to pachinko every day weather I win or lose. My debt increased until I could not pay back, finally I asked for the help of loan shark and was threatened by them. I had to live with fear by the gangsters phone calls for collection of money. Once I went to ask for help from policeman, because I could not solve this problem by myself. At that time I did not pray nor thanked God, because I did not have faith in God at all. I was acting by my own decision and could not pray and ask Him. My wife did not know that I was in such a crisis. I had no way out, and I was running away towards alcohol, rather than relying on God.

When committed Suicide, I heard a voice, 'Come to me'
  I had the thought of dying in my mind. If I die, insurance will cover my debt and my family members do not have to suffer. I went to a river. I planned to pretend to drown in the river, because I like fishing and used to go to river. I drank whisky. Although I was scared I jumped down into a swirling waterfall. I thought I was going to die. But my body slipped through the whirlpool and was swept toward downstream. I found that I was at a shallow part of river. When I was about to jump again, I heard a voice, 'Come to me', and by that I stopped to commit suicide. I think it was voice of God. I naturally prayed God thanksgiving prayer, because God touched me. Then I thought, 'What am I doing?' Suddenly I realized that my wish of dying had gone. I wanted to live! I came home and told my wife about my debt, because I wanted to leave everything to God. My wife was surprisingly calm. She told me that she was aware of my strange behavior in those few days and was led to pray for me on the day I tried to commit suicide. We dedicated our thanksgiving prayer to God. I filed for personal bankruptcy although I didn't want to. By filing for personal bankruptcy, my credit cards were stopped and I could not borrow money any more, which I thanked God. Now I deeply feel that this suicide attempt had made me known God's mercy and blessing, and that He really exists. By this suicide attempt I came to know God's love and could permanently stop gambling. There are words of God, 'give thanks in all circumstances' and 'in all things God works for the good'. I think they are really true. This incident made me dedicate myself to God again. I retook the courses in the theology college.

Empyema was cured
  In early January of this year over the past two months and then a cold sore throat, phlegm cough, nasal congestion is so bad, I went to School In this throat near the throat ENT. At that time, "has been recommended surgery in empyema" It also says, seek a doctor, I was diagnosed. X-ray results, the doctor said, "Do not worry it at all. But if you would have white empyema cavity at the back of the nose is clean. Empyema no doubt" was clearly told . I heard the test results, surprise, Agamemashita Lord. At the same time told in the Holy charismatic meeting, I remembered the words of knowledge and wisdom. At that time, was told, "reported comes with a bad nose. It was healed," The word, I knew it was really from the Lord. The truth of God I did not just jump in the sense of relief and joy 上Garan healed. God answered my prayers to the truth was expressed that the work of complete healing. I went to the hospital for treatment of colds, I could come back full of joy. Now without paying suffer from coughing, I can give praise to God. And was invited to many places, I can sing gospel. Praise the Lord! Work of the Lord's healing great! Main return to glory

Stopped alcohol completely
  I started to drink since 15 years old. I was caught by police by drunk driving twice before. I turned ill-behaved when I was drunk. I was drinking every night even after I became a Christian. One day, I hit my daughter's head when I was drunk. Despite that her head was ok, protected by God, my hand's bone was fractured. I could not work for a while, which led me deep repentance towards God. I repented of hitting my daughter. I also recalled all my sins including sins while I was drunk and I truly repented in front of God. I prayed truly so that I can stop drinking alcohol. Starting the next day, I could quit drinking alcohol, which I fully continued for 30 years. I praise His name. By now, 6 years passed after I quitted alcohol. In company's drinking party, I don't feel like drinking alcohol at all. I always tell people that I cannot drink.

'The Lord is waiting for us'
  I returned to the theology college and concentrated in study for the first several years. But I did not fully devote myself to God. I took my work 1st to God and tended to be absent from the college and worship services. I backslidden and was going away from God. And I came to a dead end in my work and everything because I was not doing His will. God spoke to me at the moment I gave up. One part of the relics, 'The Lord is waiting for us' in 'Let's go to the Lord. The lord is waiting for us' (* )in a praising song stuck to my ears. I thought I was at the edge of making decision and prayed. Then I was led to repentance. In my prayer, I repented and thanked God truly. God started to change me drastically from that time onwards. (* Editor's note: 'Let's go to the Lord' included in 'yasuragi no uta no.6' published by 'kumo no aida ni aru niji' publisher)

Released from cigarette
  The next matter is about cigarette. I thought I could never stop smoking. I tried to quit smoking many times, but the longest I could stop was for 3 days. I wanted to quit someday, but I could not. I used to smoke hiding at the occasion such as holy meetings, activities, and camps held by the church. I think other people knew that I was smoking by the smell. One day, the pastor of the church told me that it is about time for me to quit smoking. It was the moment of choice for me whether I choose God or cigarette. I prayed God faithfully, 'Please allow me to quit smoking without suffering.' It was quite a suffering starting the from the third day onwards, which I thanked God. I concentrated on God and continued thanking God . Hallelujah! I praise the Lord's name. I was able to totally quit smoking. One year has passed by now since September 2009.

I was made a new creation
  There were many happenings in my life. While I was half hearted towards God, being away from the church, my wife continued to be connected to the church. I was blessed by that. I have more conversation with my wife than before. I am happy to be with her, talking about God. My happiest time is when we pray together, and when we sing as a praising team at the roadside on every Sunday. Now I can think that to do the work of God is the best step of us. God has shaped us in this way. God had recovered the relationship between me and my children, too. Now I can scold my children with true love when they made a wrong doings. I was changed to a father who listens to children's stories. God changed everything in me. Our God is a true God. He listened to my prayer of His will and made me a totally new creation. I experienced God's mercy, blessings and love. I was anointed as a pastor of Hitoyoshi church by God's mercy and blessing. I am very surprised to be appointed as a pastor. I give thanks to God from my heart. I return all the glory to God.

David Murakami (Kumamoto city, Kumamoto prefecture)


(Reprinted from monthly magazine "Kumo No Aida Ni Aru Niji" (Publisher: Kumo No Aida Ni Aru Niji Shuppan) December 2010 issue)

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