Empyema healing!

Concert guarded
November 1, adjacent to the shopping mall in Fukuoka Yahoo Dome, "Hawks Town" in concert, I was singing playing the keyboard as part of a church worship team Hukuoka crown of life. Suddenly, there is a severe headache, around the last song played the prelude, is also visible eyes, ears no longer heard and played. I think I was about to lose consciousness, "Do not fall from the chair!" In desperation that has remained with the organization, the late return of consciousness, and finally playing the keyboard also was able to sing or. If you run out backing the worship team, given the agreement without further agitation, the concert could be terminated successfully. Hallelujah!

Bleeding where surgery is difficult
Department immediately (Rev.), who was taken to hospital by ambulance call, the results of the tests, was diagnosed with subarachnoid hemorrhage. Normally it is an emergency surgery, the back of the eye where blood (deep head) and to prevent possible damage to the arteries, and established a system such as a blood transfusion in case of massive bleeding, the surgery Wednesday after four days especially now. Many people have kindly pray in the church and the flock. 3 days (holidays) are kindly rushed to prayer from a Presbyterian pastor and his wife Nagasaki in Kyushu. I have absolute rest, because it was almost like being put to sleep, I can vaguely remember only came to the hospital, "Please pray to heal without surgery." Yes, he said. I say let us God. Turn kindly pray to fix problems without surgery Kyushu, where.

Discontinued operations
  The 05 physicians had established a system of three scheduled for surgery this morning, the doctor "I can not ignore the risk is due scrutiny, to be inspected prior to surgery." Is said now be inspected using the contrast agent before. This, too, but think the doctor thought given to their God. The test results, it can not be identified by looking up the bleeding point bleeding around, suddenly called off the surgery. During the subsequent description of the test, along with my husband to thank the doctor, "I pray to you for the church to heal without surgery." Yes, he said. Also that afternoon, when the doctor came to the hospital, said the gospel was given the opportunity.

10 days to the big room
  I then woke up from sleep, the headache and general poor condition, followed by insomnia and pain plus Sun. I have a lot of hard times, one by one to thoroughly appreciate, "the word I want." I thought, I read the Bible, prayed. That came to mind when the "ten days of suffering." (Revelation chapter 2 verse 10) was. "Maybe 10 days Utsureru large room?" I thought, to expect the Lord. Then, the approach of the 10th, and got better and better, on day 11 before moving to large room. This is a phenomenal recovery, surprised people in the hospital and staff nurse. Truly God's healing, prayer and church crowd, I felt a strong heavenly intercession.

There are scars, but now it is normal
  Re-inspected 13 days and received instructions with my husband looking at the pics. My husband, "through the attending physician to encourage you that God says" Yes, and was praying. Dr. "It is broken here? Seem to place, but it is normal and only yellow mark remaining blood flowed. These things are rare." Also, "to have surgery So, there is the possibility of recurrence, what I want, it is prayer. "I was told. Doctors also through (God's) been told that special forces work, we Agamemashita Lord. 15 And they have discharged from hospital just two weeks. They fell to singing gospel, that is pretty special Kotorashiku, been heard from many people nurse in the hospital, you can invite to church or Gosuperuchimu or testimony. God is thought to be used whatever I wish. Pray for me and my family are grateful to you for one person dedicated to the church and us. Since the new year, I hope that now the glory of the Lord your further.

(Fukuoka/Kosuda Yurika)


(Reprinted from monthly magazine "Kumo No Aida Ni Aru Niji" (Publisher: Kumo No Aida Ni Aru Niji Shuppan) January 2009 issue)

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