When I was away from the church

Author has been healed from the "Adult Onset Still's Disease" of incurable disease

1 year, I had been away from the church. I was going to continue praying and reading the Bible among leaving the church, cause it was so busy everyday life since starting to work in the morning and the parenting of four kids from the age of two up to elementary school , I forgot both of reading the Bible and praying . When I was just looking for a new job and I would get a higher income from April,I was allowed a "disease" by God.

To start praying again for disease of unknown cause

And wrist joints of the hands and feet will hurt from around February of this year, felt a chill in the evening, had fever. I thought it was rheumatism, rather than rheumatoid, without knowing the cause, in the examination, I had spent in the hospital in the treatment of pain killers and electrical experts. I was difficult even to walk to get up ,and to lay also cause of the pain was

spread to all parts of the body in March, throughout the body was hurt. I began to pray again from that time. "Please help me from this suffering." I prayed only just .

God I was there beside me,

High fever of about 40 C started out, my body was about as like muscle cramps, and then my prayer changed to sobbing and just started weeping, because my whole body had pain and suffering. But I had a peace in my heart, the more painful was getting up. I felt the presence which God was very close to me, and He was watching me. I felt something big plans of God, it made me remind what was important I had been forgotten. I had feeling which was totally loved by God and had pleasure.

My eldest sister is belonging in this church, I had heard she told about my ill to the pastor, to people of church had prayed for me. I believed in God, also he would reply to the prayer of many other people, the prayer of my own, so that it would be healed.

Then,everything become obviously "adult-onset Still's disease" incurable sickness,and seeking to be healed.

healing In holiday, visiting a foreign disease (light source) collagen hastily, that teacher is sick of this kind from my sister on, it is recommended outpatient blood soon have a nurse at General Hospital, went to the hospital a doctor familiar with, he was diagnosed with "adult-onset Still's disease." However, it can not be determined, for confirmation, he wrote a letter of introduction to the Fukuoka university hospital for me. In result of checking with meeting among doctors, that sickness was "Adult Onset Still's Disease". From next day I had stayed in Hospital, then the treatment had started.

Taking large amounts of steroids, the symptoms disappeared in four days, I was released from suffering. The children were cared by a parents of my husband.

I made all of my worries to commmit everything to Lord and gave thanks to the Lord for a given time,read a Bible ,I could have a fellowship in deep prayer with God, there were no fear and no worries. In those day,steroids of 60 g was limit taking in a day declined steadily every week as well, is completely protected from the side effects, I could stay off in a hospital within 40 days.That I could stay off from hospital in a such short period was the healing of God. It was a disease that I'd seen later, "Still's disease adult onset" is what a rare little-known, due to the small case, not reach the diagnosis difficult, there is a risk of severe disease. Now without recurrence and decreases the drug, I has spent vigorously. God heals my disease surely. HE works in all things, clarified the cause, had led me to heal.

 The auther comes back to the church,and gives a testimony.

The wonderful plan of God

In addition, the plan of God is not only that, he is great glory through my illness. In the hospital, sharing a room woman was saved. There is a history that she was going to church school in elementary school , have a great conversation with, such as the topic of God, the day before leaving hospital , through the pastor, she prayed to accept Jesus as Savior and clearly, she was saved. She repeatedly hospitalized in the state from the age of 18, of developing primary sclerosing cholangitis, waiting for a liver transplant, she was suffering from. So that after a few days, she was baptized in the Holy charismatic meeting, I was led also to the church for more than a year. God is mysterious. The plan of God is completely different from my plan. Now it had been reduced to 8 g from 60 g steroids. I would like to thank sincerely to God who had healed my disease, changed suffering and sorrow to the best.

(Kaoru Ishimaru in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture)

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