Disease was allowed

Because I believe in Jesus Christ, the Church of Antioch in Tokyo has come to learn The Light of Eternal Agape, 2001 meeting of the martyrdom of St. (Twenty-Six Martyrs of Japan's first martyred on February 05, 1597 in 1997 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of martyrdom "Shenghui Memorial martyrdom" Nagasaki since been held, have been held annually except in 1998) stuck in my power at the end, I away from the church . Its about 10 years, was allowed a lot of problems, temporomandibular joint disorders in particular is not very difficult science, from the doctor, "heal other" was declared. And the morning, holding the chin with both hands, "jerks" has become customary to prepare and to become a painful jaw immediately talking with people, even sing a song caught the chin, mouth open well. Even pray in tongues, jaws quickly become painful, can be praying. Temporomandibular joint disease, which was a very difficult issue for me, it would give up no longer curable.

After returning to the church
In such, I have other problems facing these but they will not keep myself up and driven back to the church in the Lord's mercy and help many people, I was able to return to church . Weekly Sabbath worship is protected, read the Bible and pray in, I was again re-dedication began praying heartily to God. "Your father in heaven. Dedicated to all my life and my main. So that your glory will be manifested. Thanks for the TMD. Take you for the main opening for misuse of this As. " Walk with the Lord with joy again, clenching, I walked every day.

Message Board through the martyrdom of St.
 New Year 2011, February 05, the Board have been martyred Saint. This time, we view the Internet through delivery. Is there hope to speak to what the primary, sat in front of the PC quieting the mind. Is devoted admirers began pastoral message. Where the message of the Bible, Revelation chapter 12 verse 11, "The brothers, and blood of the Lamb, because he overcame the language of their testimony. They are also spared the life to death," the moment I heard be solved mouth, and felt strongly. While remembering the sound pounding in your chest high from the Lord has spoken, that evening, opened the place to read a Bible read through as usual. From Ezekiel, with thoughts Ikimashitara continue reading the history of the prophet Ezekiel, came in a strong mind in one place. "With my hand on the Lord, before my coming on the morning that he, my mouth opened. Thus opened my mouth, I was not silent anymore" (Ezekiel Chapter 33 Section 22)

Even when I was away from the main
  After spending several days with joy that healed, and there was also one speaks of. End of the day, I read the Bible and read through the open points, stayed in the mind of this Bible places. "I am for them, now can remove the shoes of their jaw, which has been fed to gently" (Hosea Chapter 11, Section 4) What would be a heavy shoe, look Mimashitara " cage made of steel ropes and inserting it in the mouth, such as horses and cattle. What you do not bite or eat the crops, "said there. Was about 10 years suffering from temporomandibular joint disorders, closed to my heart's back to the main, had gone away from the church. Love mercy and to walk in his hand, just "this shoe" It was a situation that must be spent. I sense this speaks deeply. And even when I was away from the main feeling that had been placed in the hands of the Lord, the Lord Agamemashita heart. Without the Lord kindly blinder. We give all the glory to the Lord.

(Tokyo /Yumiko Itoh)


−Quoted fromMikoe shinbunNo.621-

We will pray for your healing. Please come to our church.。