TLCCC Tokyo Antioch Church 世界のリバイバルに向かって 祈りのミッション — Heading for Revival throughout the World

世界のリバイバルに向かって 祈りのミッション

Heading for Revival throughout the World

In the beginning


This is the word of God that God gives us “Prayer Mission”.

James 5:18
And he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain, and the earth produced its fruit.

Let’s start!


We’d like to introduce you about our works, activities and so on from today through next Friday. Enjoy our blog!

Prayer Mission Representative


This is Pastor Temothy Kobayashi and his wife, Hanna who are Prayer Mission Representative.

About Prayer Mission


“Prayer Mission” started to establish a world-wide network and to build a prayer house on April, 2009. Our work shows directions how to pray about prayer requests of our whole church on the basis of The Lord Cross Christian Center in the process of beyond denomination.

Vision of Prayer Mission

Establishment of prayer networks in Japan and to all the world to build a prayer house.

God told the whole church that prayers and obedicence to the Lord are important toward Revival and the era of the end time. We’ve been give the vision to expand the network through prayers to all the world. And as we hold up the vision for building a prayer house at Nagasaki and at 7 places in all the world, we make preparations for Great Salvation and Revival.



We’re advancing with the Lord, holding up the magnificent vision of the Lord.


Our office is homy.


Mission of Prayer office.
Office No.1
Pastor Kobayashi’s house. It’s in Kashiwa, Chiba.




Office No. 2
In Fukushima
Pastor Hishinuma’s house.

Office No. 3
My house.
But we don’t use it often because it is far. I have not clean my room, so I upload only my PC.


Case of furnishings


No. 4.
Furnishings are kept in here. Now, where do you think it is?


Big help for us


And, this is a big help for us when we don’t have a PC around, iPhone.

Still more, on Fridays, we have a meeting at a meeting room in Koenji where we rent.

What is Prayer Mission doing?


We are praying as well as usual.
For example, yesterday, we had a fasting prayer meeting in Shibukawa.

This is what Mission of Prayer is


Mission of Prayer has Started in April of 2009, intend to establish prayer network with wide area and establishment of prayer house. In the flow of interdenomination, based on TLCCC Church, we report prayer request of the church, and show the direction of prayer to the members.

In the age of revival and end time, the Lord is telling us that prayer and obeying to the Lord is going to be more important.
We have given a vision of spreading the prayer network to the world.
We are to prepare for great salvation and revival with the vision of building prayer house in Nagasaki and 7 places in all over the world.

House of Prayer


Prayer Mission have a fasting prayer meeting fourth a year, borrowing ” Benedictine House of Prayer”.

This is Pastor Kondou, who always helps us. Thank you very much.