TLCCC Tokyo Antioch Church さわやか夏の白馬キャンプ ミニカウントダウン 1週間 —

2012.5. さわやか夏の白馬キャンプ ミニカウントダウン 1週間

Mini-Count-down Blog to Hakuba Camp Started!



Applications for Hakuba Camp of this year have been accepted starting!

This time we upload this count-down blog also for advertising the Camp!

Don’t miss it!


In this year


It is carried out on Tue., July 24 by being a schedule of a pre camp, and Wed., July 25 – a Fri., 27th main camp,  Hakuba camp 2012 summer in the this year!

we are receive applications now.

Apprications here! ↓


A photograph is a water-drainage scene of Kurobe Dam!

Gospel group contest the final convention in Hakuba!


Now, the primary was performed in 11 cities in and outside the country, and about 200 groups participated. It is a wonderful convention to which 24 teams participates in a final convention!

The person who are interested in gospel, or who are not also welcome!

The real J gospel group play an exciting show!

Have a great expectation!!

The victorious team “GIFTS”

[Introduction of the camp] Charismatic Holy meeting


In Hakuba, meetings are held in the morning in the evening.

The lecturer of Holy meeting are the pastor Paul Akimoto, pastor Benjamin Nakano in Morioka Seisen Christ church, and  senior pastors of TLCCC.

Moreover,it will be held meetings for midle and high school students,and meetings for elementaly school students. After the holy meeting,we will have prayer time for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and  healing.

Message of pastor paul Akimoto

[Introduction of camp] Recreations!


There are a lot of recreation programs like the hike by Kurobe Dam and Happo One,a softball, etc in Hakuba camp.

Pastor Paul Akimoto plays softball.

【Introduction of the camp】Youth Gospel Contest!


Youth Gospel Contest will be held this year again.
Each youth group will sing so well that even adult groups would have been put to shame.
The last year winner, Ms. Jeshurun (Representative of America)
With the authoritative assurance of the professional singer, she aspires to get the first prize of Youth Gospel Contest two years in a row.

Prayer meeting


On every Monday and Tuesday we have prayer meeting to pray only for Hakuba camp.
We started Tuesday prayer meeting from April.
Mr. Majikina the chief of an executive committee, who is in a relax mood after the prayer meeting.

【Introduction of the camp】 The parson in charge


Let us introduces the parson in charge.

Pastor Ryoko Kobayashi, the parson in charge of prayer.

She is supporting Hakuba camp with prayer.

Hot news


Pastor Tsugumichi Ohkawa is coming to Hakuba summer camp this year!
He will bring us a message in the night meeting on 26th Thursday!
Please look forward to it!!!

In this picture, Pastor Tsugumichi Ohkawa is at left, Pastor Paul Akimoto is at right.

Today, we had a prayer meeting


On Tuesday, we have prayer meeting for the preparation of Hakuba camp.

The Pastor who is in charge


Pastor Amagai, who is in charge of accounts section.
He supervises all accounts of Hakuba camp.

There will be a bus


There will be a bus to bring you door to door from Tokyo Antioch church to Hotel Green Plaza Hakuba
It’s a wonderful bus and the journey is extremely comfortable!