The Team sent to Thailand and Cambodia


From today, the team will be sent to Thailand and Cambodia.

It’s rainy in Tokyo.

We have arrived Cambodia safely


Thank you for your prayers!
We’ve arrived at Phnom Penh safely!

Royal Palace in Cambodia


We decided to perform a street live near the Cambodia Royal Palace.

It’s hot outside. But there’re many people.

Street live has started


In Cambodia, this is the first time street live, and a praise band has stood!

The power of the Holy Spirit is pouring out here abundantly!!

The presence of the Lord is pouring out!


People who was passing by with a motorbike, they stopped the motorbike on the roadside and listening quietly.

“Double Potion”


The abundant presence of the Lord is raining down!

Street live finished


It was over safely!
The work of the Lord has revealed.
I think the fact that they had a street live in front of the palace had a big meaning!

The car run for a while and then….


Now, the car got trouble!!

Special Praise by “Gifts”


They will sing three songs.

They are preparing with prayers.

Special Praise

Short message!


The Gospel according to John
And the light shines in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

The short message was given from that verse, and the presence of the Lord was revealed!



Message by Pastor Akimoto!
John 3:16

Pastor Paul Akimoto delivers a message with the abundant presence of the Lord from the verse.

At first, we stood and praised the Lord together!

After that, the powerful message was given. And the word of the Lord went into the congregation deeply!

Ministry for healing!


After the ministry, Pastor Akimoto prays for each parson!

One lady, who was prayed for her ear, she was healed.
She suddenly started to cry aloud!!!
The healing of the Lord was revealed!!
Hallelujah! We give thanks to the Lord!!!