How to prepare for the Online Holy Communion Service

If you (those who were baptized or those who are ready to be baptized) would like to take participate in our Online Holy Communion Service, please make a preparation of
bread (unleven or with yeast is fine) and wine. Our Holy Communion in Tokyo Antioch Church take the position that bread is Jesus Christ's body, and wine or grape juice is Jesus Christ's blood. Therefore you should join our Holy Communion Service with the position.

For reference, how to prepare for the Holy Communion Service of Tokyo Antioch Church is as follows:

*In Tokyo Antioch Church, we usually use unleavend bread (bread or with yeast is fine) and wine (grape juice is fine).


* We usually make 20 pieces of bread for the service of Tokyo Antioch Church

・15g whole wheat flour (usually stored in a refrigerator)
・a little salt
・1 tbsp butter or margarine
・10ml water



1. Put 10ml water in a pan, warm water to body temperature.
2. Put 15g whole wheat flour in a bowl, add a little salt and mix well.
3. Melt 1 tbsp of the butter or margarine (or melt with a microwave)
4. Pour hot water into the melting butter, and mix well.
5. No4. Pour into no.2 little by little, knead and form into a ball.
6. Put salad oil thinly with the ball. (to preserve it from drying. You can put it in a refrigerator.)
7. After aging for a while, and form it into a ball.
8. Draw it out with a rolling pin or something.
9. Heat up a thick frying pan. Don't add oil in a pan, cook it over low heat. Cook both faces for about 2 minutes. Pay attention not to grill it until the surface get burned.


Amount of Bread and Wine
*Bread - 1-1.5cm square
*Wine - put a store-bought red wine into a glass.


The photo shows the size of bread and wine.