Holy-day worship service

Time Service Place  
7:00~8:00 In the early morning service Church  
9:00~10:20 Sunday first worship service★ Church Pastor Paul Akimoto
10:30~12:00 Sunday second worship service ★ Church Pastor Paul Akimoto
12:10~13:30 Sunday third worship service ★ Church Pastor Paul Akimoto
10:30~12:00 Service for Child Choukai-kaikan 2-chome Kouenji-kita Suginami  
12:20~13:20 Service for Teenagers Choukai-kaikan 2-chome Kouenji-kita Suginami  
14:30~15:30 Service for Youth Choukai-kaikan 2-chome Kouenji-kita Suginami  
15:00~16:00 International Service Church  
15:00~16:30 Worship in 23 wards    
16:30~17:00 J-gospel live ★ Church  
18:15~18:50 Gospel Live TV ★ Church  
19:00~21:00 Sunday Seventh worship service ★ Church Pastor Paul Akimoto

※ Learn rudimentary growth, development, introduction, Bible study, and fellowship, social person meetings, baptism preparation class, have been made up to 1:35 to 2:00 pm.

※ We do the Sunday Seventh worship service at Hyatt Regency Tokyo in Shinjuku on the first week or second week of every month. (There are exceptions, so check with HP).

※ There is a sign language interpreter first, second, third, seventh service and Tokyo Charismatic meeting.

★ Each congregation of the mark, because there are child care, please come and take you to worry more children.


Everyday worship services &Prayer Meeting

Day of the week Time Meeting Place
Monday 10:10~11:30 Monday first worship service ★ Church
  13:00~14:30 Monday second worship service ★ Church
Tuesday 10:00~11:30 Worship service Church
Wednesday 10:00~11:30 Worship service Church
  19:00~21:00 Tokyo Antioch Prayer Meeting Church
Thursday 10:00~11:30 Worship service Church
Friday 10:00~11:30 Worship service Church
  22:00~2:15 All-night sitting prayer meeting Church
Saturday 10:00~11:30 Worship service Church
  18:30~20:30 Saturday worship service(The 1st, 5th weeks ) Church
  18:30~20:30 A healing meeting (The 2nd week) Church
  18:30~20:30 REVIVAL NIGHT(Young gospel meeting) (The 3rd week) Church
  18:30~20:30 A gospel meeting(The 4th week) Church


In the early mornin prayer meeting

Day of the week Time Place
Monday through Friday 5:30~7:30 Church
Saturday 8:30~9:30 Church


※Anyone can attend. No charge for admission. (There is a contribution session)