I was able to praise God with both hands raising high, though I had suffered cerebral palsy and myasthenia !!! - The power of God is amazing.

Physically handicapped since birth


I have been physically handicapped since birth with cerebral palsy and myasthenia. I had an interest in the Bible in my high school days; I borrowed the Old Testament from a friend of mine and read it. I yearned to be a Christian though my family was not a Christian.


In the past I got sick by worrying about a trouble of my own and got hospitalized. Around that time, while I was at home, I heard somebody speaking about Jesus through a loud speaker-equipped car. I didn’t make a notice of that then. The following day, I contacted a friend of mine to talk to her about my trouble; I realized that she was a Christian while I was talking with her. Then I wanted to know the difference between Catholic and Protestant.


Through Internet


As I was searching on the Internet, I visited the homepage of Okayama Church, and typed in its message board. After exchanging some messages, I learned about the confession of faith; I believed Jesus Christ as my Savior and became a Christian.


However, my parents were making fuss about me going to church and I couldn’t go there although I wanted to go. I heard a church would start in Shizuoka as well, but I told them I couldn’t attend church. Bur I was allowed to have a worship service at home by having a pastor come over every week.


Blessing of Offering


In a worship service, there was a time of offering. I thought in secret that money would be taken. However, after the first offering, an allowance was given unexpectedly. Besides, I also got an allowance from my younger brother for the first time. I realized that blessing after I was told about the meaning of the offering.


I was able to join my hands !!


After I had a pastor pray for my body, I was able to join my hands though I couldn’t do that before. I was so surprised that I shouted and said, “I can join my hands!” which startled my family members but they all were happy for me.


Also, I lost grip strength of my right hand due to tendonitis and couldn’t eat, but I started to get a little strength back to it. I wanted to eat on my own and tried. Then I was able to eat half a cup of Ramen for the first time and a full cup for the second time. I was amazed so was my mother who was with me there. My mother didn’t know I became a Christian. I felt the power of God was amazing.


I was able to sing praises with both hands up !!


The other day, I experienced something amazing again.  I used to have very hard time in a training session of having my hands raised.  So I couldn’t raise both hands psychologically and technically. However, while an overseas mission team was sent to Egypt and Israel, I had a difficult time in which I should give thanks;  I was singing praises to the Lord. I felt like raising my hands and singing praises; I decided to raise both hands to praise God though I was worried about doing so.  Then, to my amazement, I was able to raise my hands higher than when I was in a training session, without feeling tired nor having a muscle pain. I was able to repeat singing praises to the Lord with both hands up for a long time without feeling tired. I praise the Lord. I give thanks to the Lord who touched me.  Currently I give praise the Lord from the bottom of my heart with both hands up in a worship service.  I give thanks for the blessing of the Lord’s healing.


(Luke Iwasaki in Shizuoka City)
Excerpt from Mikoe Newspaper Vol. 342