Salvation and healing from iron-barred protection room

David Maeda (Pastor of TLCCC Tokyo Antioch Church)


Encounter in iron-barred room


I met my wife in a hospital for the first time when we had been hospitalized. She became ill and she was diagnosed schizophrenia when she was 16 years old. So she was constantly in and out of hospital for 14 years.


At that time I used hemp and stimulant, and I was mentally unbalanced. So I was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital. At the hospital I was diagnosed psychogenic reaction, and I was repeatedly confined in a single room named “protection room” which most bad condition’s patients were in. In the room I despaired and thought “My life has ended”.


My wife was also repeatedly confined in protection room. When such two people met and said “We‘re getting married”, our doctor and people around us opposed it. However we got married despite the objection of them when we had been hospitalized.


Salvation and healing of the Cross


After a short time, our conditions became better, so we were able to go back to home from hospital. However after it, I started to use sleeping pills and strong liquor simultaneously, so I became drug dependence again. My wife was also very unstable. There were quarrels between us almost every day. So it seems that there is no hope for us.


However, one day my friend invited us to a church. The friend told us. ” There is a woman whose disease was healed in a church, and she is used for God’s work now.” We found out a hope to hear that. Immediately we decided to go to a church. In the church the Pastor said “If we confess our sins, our sins will be forgiven because Jesus was crucified as a sacrifice for us.” “Jesus who healed diseases and cast out demons on the earth about 2000 years ago was died on the Cross, and he was resurrected from the dead on third day and he lives now. So if we ask healing to Jesus, diseases can be healed.”


I forgot how many times that was, but in the worship service we confessed our sins, believed in Jesus and received salvation. After that, the church’s members kept praying for us, and my disease was healed. I didn’t want sleeping pills, liquor, and cigarettes anymore, so I was able to stop them easily. However, my wife’s condition was still unstable.


Church is filled with Christ


At the time that we started to go to the church, we often had quarrels. Sometimes we had a quarrel at all night from Saturday night. We were exhausted, and weren’t able to go to the church next day. So Pastor told us “If we try to do God’s will, Satan will attack us. So no matter what, anyway please come to church.” Pastor told “Because bible says “which is his body, the fullness of him who fills everything in every way.” (Ephesians 1:23) Church is filled with Jesus himself. So when we are in church we can receive grace, touch God’s presence, and experience God’s power.”


Please help us.


One day we had a charismatic meeting and I was given a service of playing the guitar at a time of praise and worship for the first time. However, at the day my wife’s condition was especially bad, so there is nothing I was able to do. Then the trouble happened.

After I finished the work of playing the guitar, my wife tried to punch me with a shout. I held down her with Pastors and took her to outside of the room in a hurry. At the time I thought that “Why did God allow such trouble?” and I prayed to the Lord from my heart. “Please help us!” After few minutes passed, she became calm down, so we were able to go back to the room. After the holy meeting a Pastor prayed for her. Then a prophecy was given to her.

The prophecy was followings. “Your disease is a spiritual one. So if you keep doing spiritual correspondence, you will be healed. I have already given a gift of prophecy to you. When you keep coming to a church and using the gift, I will heal you completely."

At that time if we saw our situation, it was difficult for us to believe it. However we weighed the word which was given to her carefully, received it as a word of God, and elected to obey to God. My wife kept attending worship services and meetings of the church, and kept exercising prophecy every day under the helps and administration of the church.


Anxiety and fear disappeared and her disease was healed


After about a month, her condition had clearly changed. She had been abused since she was a child, so she had anxiety, fear, and hatred toward her parents in her mind. However before we knew it, those feelings had disappeared from her mind. In addition her morbid symptom had also disappeared.

Doctors said that it is impossible for her to be healed. However, her disease was healed by obeying to God’s words. Doctor said “Your wife doesn’t have an ability to bring up a child.” However, she is easily doing housework for us as a mother who has six children now. When I see it, I can’t stop praising the Lord because of the truth of his words and his mercy. After some years, we had an opportunity to talk with our doctor on the phone. The doctor said “You are my hope. You are the only people who do well in a society without taking medicine.” Of course, true hope is in Jesus. In our church many members have been healed next to next even if doctors told them that it is impossible to be healed.

I and my wife profoundly desired to serve Jesus who gave healing to us, so we started to study at theological school of our church. After some years, I became a Pastor and my wife became an evangelist. Now we work for our church with joy.

We were in iron-barred rooms of psychiatric hospital and in the depths of despair. Now we have received salvation and healing of Jesus, and we are completely changed into new people. We give all glory to Jesus.


(“We were healed!—Testimony of healing by God Vol.2”) published by “The Appearance of a Rainbow in the Clouds” (This is a reprinting.)