We have burdens for Israel!

●We have a vision of building a prayer house in Galilee in Israel , and the plan is actually going on.

●Every year at least once a year, we have a pilgrimage tour to Israel .

●We have been attended conferences in Israel, starting wigh the “Prime Minister Export Conference” by the special invitation of the Israel embassy to Japan , economic department.

●We have been attended in various events of Israel embassy at Japan.




2007 Conference

2005年 Conference
Bouncing around a picture of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

Picture of the people attending the conference for the first time

2005 Conference

2005 Conference
Pictures are attending the conference

The former Prime Minister Olmert

2006 Conference

2006 Conference

2008 Conference

2008 Conference


Conference Movie①   Conference Movie②   Video pictures of the conference is available from .『Mikoe Press



Photo: A pilgrimage tour to Israel.


Worship at the golden gate of Jerusalem.

Worship at the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

Shores of Sea of Galilee; The Lord’s presence is so deep, people led to have prayer after prayer. Sunday worship is primarily by Sea of Galilee.

Shores of Sea of Galilee: phosphorus latence very deeply in God, and guided by prayer to the next.

Sunday worship is primarily in the Sea of Galilee

Golden gate in Jerusalem


Hill of Megiddo


Mount Olive

Seen from the shores of Sea of Galilee at the Ron Beach Hotel where the team stay every year


Taken him to Mount Olive rainbow.


Philip's Family of Immanul Tours president.


Nov.2009 Egypy・Israel Team Photo & Movie

Nov.2010 Egypy・Israel Team Photo & Movie

Nov.2011 Jordan・Israel Team Photo Album
/ Digest Movie

Nov.2012 Israel Team Photo Album
/ Digest Movie

Nov.2013 Israel Team Photo Album
/ Digest Movie

The Water Flowing From The Sanctuary Mission /Israel Division