The Lord’s Cross Christian Center is a church, burdened to help orphans!

In this age, there are many children both in Japan and in the world, who losts thier parents or were thrown out of the family and became orphans because of war, natural disaster, poverty and famine.

Our organization is supporting the works of orphanages with prayer and financial support in order to help as many orphans as possible to survive and live thier lives.

The incorporated non-profit organization, "The Cornerstone Orphanage" started the work toward building children's nursing homes in April 2011. We are supporting the social welfare corporation, "Karashi-dane no kai" which will install the home. In July 2014 we are now planning to build a small scale facility (group home or family home) in accordance with the government's downsizing policy of children's nursing homes .

Missionaries are sent to Cambodia, Brazil, and Zambia, and they are working with local staff. In the Philippines, local staff are helping children to study at schools, and they have about 40 children. Our Cambodian Orphanage was lisenced as an international non-government organization, and they have 26 orphans in Aug. 2015. Among the children are some who are suffering from HIV and other disorders.

A Japanese TV station covered a story about our Orphanage in Zambia in July 2013. A special TV program entitled "Sekai Naze sokoni nihonjin?" featuring our staff Ohko Mutale and her orphanage was aired on Decmeber 30, 2013. Also we are supporting orphanages in Rumania and India, and we are preparing to start orphanages in other parts of the world as well.

Most of the children were not even given names when they were born, and they don't know their birthdays. It is moving to see children--who couldn't open their hearts to us and looked gloomy when they came to the orphanage--open their hearts and restore their smiles. We believe there is a plan for every children who were given lives, and we will continue to support the works of orphanage in the future.


▼We visited the orphanage in the Philippines in April 2009

▼We visited the orphanage in Cambodia in March 2009

▼The Zambia Orphanage

▼The Brazil Orphanage