Israel, the problem remains
Diary Israel of Mika

Shalom! Currently, Israel is caused by a variety of problems after another, and today these days are becoming more and more large Israeli citizen complaints. Every day, on TV, just a reflection of how the various problems of the demonstration, a riot or rise when the citizens of Israel, and that atmosphere. I just hope the situation will settle down in Israel as soon as possible.

Israel now ... Why do I say that Israeli citizens are dissatisfied with this way, first as one of the major problems is that prices were sharply higher in Israel. Risen sharply, especially rent. So many students pay for establish. So focusing on students to unite young and old, began living in tents in the streets of the city of Tel Aviv. After that, until now, large demonstrations continued to swell, and begin with a demonstration in here and there throughout Israel. In addition, abnormally high even buy a car, more car tax, petrol was high. Then, in families with children, supplies newborn kidstuff becomes abnormally high, even the books, cause the demo groups mothers with children at the hospital are going demonstration so called cheaper salary trainee . More recently, a 10% rise in electricity costs, is the wrath of Israeli citizens have been even greater.

Thank you for all that ... Recently broke our house cooler. In 40 degree heat every day life without a little cooler, but I thought great, I thank you with a broken cooler master. Then tells us that the landlord wants to fix the cooler, I did immediately call the repair guy, or the current situation in Israel, and the current service price take the landlord more than I thought We, the landlord is reluctant to fix the cooler I have. However, we believe some things that the Lord has allowed this thing, and I will save you from it's electric bill was higher, and then went further to thank God. And, interestingly, broken cooler Ever since, every day followed by unusually cool, calm now in the cooler without a fan. In addition, the Israeli summer rain but never quite makes it rains and extreme weather, cold temp was up and about. Feel that you for keeping us up to move the weather, even more devoted to praise and thank God. Then, change the mind of the landlord, who is now back to the cooler and can now use the next day from the cooler may also be more than the usual 40-degree temperatures, through praise and gratitude, I experienced that love you for protecting us that God is fine. Praise the Lord!

- August 28, 2011 issue of Voice newspaper observed (638 in number) Reprinted from -