Privacy Policy

Our church strives to protect the personal information of its members by setting up the following policies for protecting personal information and by carrying them out and maintaining them, in order to observe the laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information and to properly use and manage the personal information.

1. Basic Policy
For the purpose of carrying out this policy, our church recognizes the importance of personal information, appoint a person in charge of protection of personal information, give the widest possible publicity to the laws and regulations in our church concerning the protection of personal information among workers in our church and outsourcing companies, and at the same time promote the education and enlightenment so that personal information should be treated properly.

2. Proper Management
(1)  As long as it is necessary to achieve the purpose of its use, our church maintain the proper management concerning the collection and use of personal information.

(2)  In order to prevent the loss, leakage, and destruction of personal information, our church takes appropriate measures for security, and take a step for correction as is necessary.

(3) In case personal information is committed to the charge of an outsourcing company, our church properly supervises so that personal information should be managed in safety.

3. Clarification of Purpose of Use
(1) On collection of personal information, our church takes legitimate and fair steps, and concerning the purpose of its use and other necessary matters, we state them explicitly on collection or notify them.

4. Observance of Purpose of Use
(1) Our church makes use of personal information within the boundary of the expressly stated purpose of its use. In case we use it outside of the boundary of the expressly stated purpose, we inform the person concerned beforehand about it and use the personal information with his consent.

5. Disclosure to Third Parties
When we disclose personal information we collected to third parties such as our church, groups in our church and so forth, we notify the name of the group explicitly.

6. Disclosure and Correction of Personal Information
Our church responds to the requests for disclosure, correction, and suspension of use of personal information we collected as swiftly as possible with the consent of the person concerned.

Enacted on December 7, 2013

*We may change the personal information policy on this website to improve the protection of personal information, or as the laws and other regulations change. So please visit this website and confirm the Policy regularly.