Prayer Ishi

29-year-old, is rescued by Denenchofu. February 2000 Psalm 122: 6 ". Pray for Jerusalem of peace", I given the Christian name "prayer". And are serving in the prayer part in the church. Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture born. Korean Theological Seminary, The Lord's Cross seminary graduates

Servant David Hajime Urushima

Gospel group Gifts of vocal. Kagawa Prefecture born. Tokyo Metropolitan West grew up. At birth, was born in a state of suspended animation, but is sentenced to death a doctor, undergo a miraculous healing in the prayer of the church. Responsible Sogaku, CS (church school), the set-up in the church. It belongs to the only voice newspaper. Basically wild.

Israel Mariko

Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture. After belonged to '37 Catholic Church, and was led to the skilled church. Nursery school, kindergarten, deaf education, the current through the sales, sales of rainbow publication that lies between the clouds. Gospel group is the Jerusalem of the leader, lead vocals. I receive a standing O coacervation before the people of black gospel.

Yasuko Ogihara

Morning of the next daughter was born the day, I met the pastor wife in a hospital corridor, I believe in Jesus Christ. Then at a much daughter and Futari, I am come a in the God of grace. Ibaraki Prefecture born.

Michiko Ojiro

2010 to the transfer from the fountain of life Oita church to our church. Feats: everywhere I be sleeping.
Hobbies: eating.
North American department staff of water mission that flows from the sanctuary

Timothy Obata

To meet the problem by the time you began working for a company, and now go to church to see the church of the home page, be saved believe in Jesus Christ. Then, dedication to, and become as involved in the work of the church of the Internet. And praying led his wife and daughter of the current family of three.
I love mathematics physics have studied the theory of relativity on school days.
Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture born.

Hannah Saito

By chance that it was moved to had of building next to the apartment of the Church, devotion to encounter God. Hobby, but watching sports, but the motor nerve is ... zero! I love cooking. Prayer of the Church. Water Mission Latin America Division flowing from the sanctuary. From Tokyo. The Lord's Cross seminary graduate.

Wakako Sato

I like that painting from an early age, and I think that it would animator at the time of the elementary school,
After graduating from design school, he joined the animation production company.
Then baptized in the church of evangelical, only voice newspaper staff, from Tokyo.

Ester Shimizu

He grew up in a mission school from elementary school, weekly worship was liked. To come to the church of TLCCC, the first time through the work of the gift of the Holy Spirit, was saved to know that it is God that you started still alive. There is a burden to the praise and prayer. Department, prayer mission.

Akiko Suzuya

From the work of the Church of the video, and learn the editing, So tired of less than, to learn in graduate school for two years movie producer quit their jobs. Currently, during training in the field of Japanese video industry. Hokkaido born. Water mission staff that flows from the sanctuary.

Masae Takahashi

During youth midst, problem also in the midst, such when it is invited to friends be saved believe in Jesus Christ go to church. Then, touch the grace of charisma, to God and the experience dedication that work alive. Life is completely changed. Saitama Prefecture born. The Lord's Cross seminary graduates

Zion Ai Tomabechi

Young, student council, teenagers meeting, elementary school students, I have a staff with young children of CS (church school). I was born in the home of the pastor Baptist church in Yamagata Akayu. A change schools at elementary school students experienced five times, moving is not fully counted. To know the joy of study in the evening high school, go to the National University is opened. Only voice newspaper operator. The Lord's Cross seminary graduate.

Natan Hayakawa

Kanagawa Prefecture born. Be saved to read the Bible in the withdrawal.
Greater Israel, there is a burden to the Islamic mission, currently in Arabic study. The Lord's Cross seminary graduate.

Peter Higuchi

Director of the original orthopedic clinic. Saved encounter Jesus when 33-year-old, to mainly led to dedication. Construction Deputy responsible behind the scenes in a weak personality is coming out in public. The stage director when the concert. (Yes) only voice newspaper sales management section chief. It is called "Petehi-gu of Bukan".

Jerusalem Yumi

Fukushima Prefecture born. I went from around my mother brought me to the Christian small to church, daily to Jesus, guarded growth ~. A member of the gospel group "Abeille", and gospel love ♪ love to eat ♪ cat lover ♪

Jerusalem Aya Fujii

Niigata born, Yokohama, spent his childhood in a triple, and moved to Tokyo at the age of 18, and was saved encounter in Jesus Christ. Immediately after that, led to the Lord's Cross of the church baptized. 1 Infant mother. The Lord's Cross seminary graduation

Sachiko Fujita

I receive the charisma of experience in the church of evangelical. Office, during the struggle as the staff of the Women's Association. Iwate Prefecture born.

Hisaei Fujita

I met God in America study abroad, to return home after the dedication of the road!
Internet Committee, Aston staff. Members of Gifts. Iwate Prefecture born.

Miyuki Hoshino

It lets me the sign language interpreter service in the church. Through sign language, I have to tell the message of blessing and grace of God. Saitama Prefecture born. The Lord's Cross seminary graduates

Israel Horiuchi

Grandparents born of Christian Meiji, but touching the gospel from an early age, and was baptized in the middle of life. Dedication to trying to live a life after this for God. Grandchildren even fifth generation Christian. From Tokyo. The Lord's Cross seminary graduate.

Hideaki Masukawa

At the age of nine I will be saved in the evangelical church took him to his mother.
Guided by The Light of Eternal Agape Church triple at the age of 20, since, to enter the History of God as a student. It is a perpetrator who made ​​the original show smashing stomach sitting in John's tomb of Ephesians. Only voice newspaper employees

Michael Kaori Yokoo

At the time of the 1996 University four years, it will be saved in the wake of that went back to heaven of the mother.
Then, from mediocre home, more and more German mother and siblings, at once extraordinary in (?). ~ During rush toward the now for further God's plan.
Rainbow publishing staff that lies between the clouds.
Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture born. I am doing also praise in praise group called Hyssop.

Noah Terumi

To the church in the manga at the time of the small 2. When you praise in nature, most feel God. I begin the songwriting than in 2006. Journey and love exploring. Mission Asia department affiliation. Construction, social person meetings staff. Tree of Life blog update in. From Osaka.

Mamoru Tsujigo

He was born in Nagasaki Prefecture. Have a narrow escape cause of the bike, the accident at the age of 18. When he was young, his hobby was arm wrestling, and retired the thirty-five year work the company, He relocated to Tokyo. The set-up in the current Antioch, in charge in.

Shioko Imai

Niigata Prefecture. There are national polity skiing competed experience. After a certain mission-based hospital work of Kansai, and moved to Tokyo. Number month dispatched to stone orphanage in Cambodia of foundation.Staff of Water flows from the sanctuary mission. nurse.

Mari Sato

Her mother was a Christian, I went from a young age to the church, and baptized at the time of the junior high school students. At that time and now the Sogaku of praise in the church from, you fall in love praise. Members of the gospel group "l'Abeille". Fukushima Prefecture. The Lord's Cross Seminary College

Jyunko Yamanaka Saitama Prefecture. Baptized in Fukuoka. And your thoughts are directed to the true reverse and move to Tokyo the end of 2012. We want to continue to sing the gospel in Japan and around the world! Members of the gospel group Euqaristias. The Lord's Cross seminary staff

Fujio Chida

In Pentecostal church, and he believe in Jesus, baptized in 1983 married couple. Go to Tokyo in April 2015. Favorite baseball and he are fascinated by the Gospel. Fukuoka Prefecture.

Kinue Chida

when the 30-year-old, She encountered one of Jesus Christ by tract And baptized in the couple in 1983 in a Pentecostal church. Go to Tokyo in April 2015. Born in Nagasaki Prefecture Tsushima . nurse.

Yuki Hoshina

I am from Niigata Prefecture. Connect to the church through Gifts' gospel concert, and believe in Jesus Christ and be saved. The first number saved by gospel. He praises himself in the gospel group called Shalom.