■Live broadcasts - Schedule

  • ・In the Early Morning Service 7:00~
  • ・First Service 9:00~
  • ・Second Service 10:30~
  • ・Third Service 12:10~
  • ・Gospel Live TV 18:15~19:00
  • ・Seventh Service 19:00~21:00

Watch/ Listen Live

  • Simultaneous interpretation from Japanese into English.

News and Information

Schedule of Worship Services

Time of our church meetings.

Small Groups (Auto-translation)

Fellowship (young people, household head meeting, women's association, member-of-society meeting)

Gospel Gathering 12/24

Gosple Gathering will be held in the fourth week monthly.

Healing Ministry 12/10

Healing Ministry will be held in the second week monthly.


To learn on prophecy

There are the introduction class, the beginners class, the intermediate level class, and the advanced class.

Weekly Bulletin

Information about our activities


Profiles of our pastors

Profiles of pastors of Tokyo Antioch Church

Profiles of our Evangelists

Profiles of Evangelist of Tokyo Antioch Church

Prayer requests

Prayer requests