Small Groups

There is a collection bur of each meeting in the Tokyo Antioch Church on Sunday every week etc.
Because everyone can participate, will you visit it by all means?
A making rice cake rally and various events are plenty.


Members of the family head is 20

Professional guitarist, a hospital dietitian, career teachers and former teachers from elementary school to university Affairs, insurance salesperson, former music school principals and staff communications and computer-related companies, is composed of a variety of job and age.
Each experience is kept alive, and church service at home and abroad. Head of the Lord in pastoral, you can follow the progress of decent listen, we hope we can continue to enjoy fellowship and prayer


We do Young meeting Koenjikita 2-chome Hall

2-chome Koenjikita Hall 14:30 to 15:30 we are young to worship.
Fourth Sunday in the Synagogue Church, 13:45 to 14:15 and the worship of the joint young to middle and high school student council meeting, and then go to the House, and have a tea party.
Throughout the year, barbecue and picnic, with some events, such as rice cakes.


Women's Association

【Women's prayer meeting】2-chome Koenjikita Hall, 13:30 to 14:30 every Sunday (for the work of the Women's Association, and intercession of each other)
【Dinner & Tea】2-chome Koenjikita Hall,
* Activities * Women's Choir, and classroom computers. Many people we are looking forward to your participation.


Board member of society

Society people is meeting of Tokyo Antioch Church .