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Testimony (Text)

Solving Problems

Bullying, depression, school refusal, no job, debt problems, marital, domestic discord, domestic violence, suicide, parent-child relationship, such experiences to solve problems such as divorce by God

Testimony given through thanksgiving

Experiences of people who received blessings by giving thanks when a problem or a difficulty arose "give thanks in all circumstances." 1 Thessalonians 5:18

My Stories- Prayers were heard-

Various experiences were heard in prayer daily life

God's Healing

Experiences of people who received healing from God


Enriched Family Life – Restored Family

Experiences of people who received God's blessings through problems in their families


Untitled Charles Duke (Testimony)

One of only 12 people walked on the moon. Untitled Charles Duke walked on the moon on Apollo 16 in 1972.


Untitled Dottie Duke (Testimony)

Untitled wife Dottie Duke Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke "The joy of grief"