■Live broadcasts - Schedule

  • ・In the Early Morning Service 7:00~
  • ・First Service 9:00~
  • ・Second Service 10:30~
  • ・Third Service 12:10~
  • ・Gospel Live TV 18:15~19:00
  • ・Seventh Service 19:00~21:00

Watch/ Listen Live

  • Simultaneous interpretation from Japanese into English.

Prophecy reality and use (books "prophecy" in English) will be published.

  • "Prophecy - reality and Use" (Hebrew translation of the book "Prophecy") will be published. It costs 6575.77 dollars to publish 2000 copies. By the Japanese yen, it costs about 530 000 (530 000) yen. Please pray for this. If you are burdened, we would like to ask you to give the appearance of a rainbow published by the clouds as you designate your offering to be the "prophecy - reality and use." (English translation of the book "Prophecy") If you can move the proposal to the account of the appearance of the spectrum published by clouds, let them know announcing your proposal is intended to "Prophecy - reality and use." (English translation of the book "Prophecy")

    (1)Account with the Bank
    : Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, LTD.

    (2) SWIFT code / (BIC)

    (3) Name of Branch
    : Branch Kasugacho
    :1-1-19 Koishikawa Bunkyo-ku Tokyo Japan 112-0002

    (4)Account number of the beneficiary :
    Do not have an account. 062-1562643

    (5)The name of the beneficiary :
    Yugengaisha Kumo no aidaniaru Shuppan Niji