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  • ・In the Early Morning Service 7:00~
  • ・First Service 9:00~
  • ・Second Service 10:30~
  • ・Third Service 12:10~
  • ・Gospel Live TV 18:15~19:00
  • ・Seventh Service 19:00~21:00

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  • Simultaneous interpretation from Japanese into English.

Overseas Missions News

  • The dates of 24th to 28th February, the Myanmar team will be dispatched. Thai Airways plane in, flight price is now 98,050 yen (including tax) will be. We will secure your seat every time, you can change the amount. Practice it will be fully dispatched, who attends two folded foreign ministry study, for other more, please contact us. Including monkey, the Asian Mission Division (wfsm_asia@msn.com) please contact.

  • Now we are accepting applications for “Thanksgiving and Praise and Revival Camp 2012.” which will be sent from 26 March through 31 March.

    If you want to join the Camp even though you apply certainly or apply by faith, please send us to fill out the application by e-mail or fax until Wednesday, 25 January. The application fee is 10,000 yen for an adult; 3,000 yen for a junior high school student, a high school student and an university student; free of charge for children below elementary school age.

    The 1st deadline is January 25, 2012. After the deadline, the price might change.

    You can download the application from the WFS Mission’s website.

    Please contact The North American Department of the WFS Mission. Fax:03-3339-0587 E-mail:wfsm_northa@msn.com Website:http://www.wfsmission.org

  • Thai team to Cambodia postponed to May or June. April is going to Asia.

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