The Church

The church is a place where those who believe in Jesus Christ or who want to know God get together. In the church, worship service is held every week and people praise God and listen to Him through the Bible.

Even if you do not understand the Bible well, you will become understand God when you continue to go to church.

We recommend that you relax and visit our church in your locality.

The Bible

We can imagine that in many people's idea it is hard to read a book of as many as 2000 pages or to understand the Bible. However, knowing its subject and purpose will help you understand it more easily. Moreover, truth is clarified when you read it with the belief that it is the Word of God.

The subject of the Bible is "Jesus Christ" and its purpose is "the salvation of mankind".

God loves each of us. However, we are walking as we like, turning aside from the right way that God shows us. This is our "sin" in God's view. If we keep walking holding onto our sin, we will fall into eternal destruction when we are judged after our death. But God sent Jesus Christ who is sinless to this world and crucify him for our sin.

When we admit our sin and believe that Jesus Christ died on the Cross for our sin and resurrected three days later, God will forgive us our sin and give us eternal life. Our simple belief of this will promise our admission to heaven.

Why don't you believe in Jesus Christ?

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