Warning at the End of Days

What do you associate the word "end of days" with? This word may bring to your mind the words "Great prediction of Nostradamus", "Armageddon", "natural disasters", etc.

The Bible describes end times in various scriptures. Some of the descriptions already fit our times. However, please do not fear. This page is not intended to scare you, but is rather written to advise you to walk in our times with good hope, correctly understanding the warning of end times.

The Bible says that this world will come to its end. What will the event be that marks the end of this world? It will exactly be the second coming of Jesus Christ. He came to this world two thousand years ago, was crucified, resurrected and returned to heaven. The Bible says that He will come back to this world.

His disciples asked Him what the signs of His second coming would be. He replied that the signs would include the appearance of false Christs, wars, confrontation among nations, famines and earthquakes. These are important keys for us to find out when He will come to this world again. There have been no other times than our times that completely fit what He told the disciples. Moreover, the Bible foretells us that the Roman Empire will be restored. The move toward integration now going on in Europe agrees with this prophetic description.

A series of these events are all signs of the second coming of Jesus Christ. We are living in end times.

How should we live in such times? Times that will be much harder than the present time will come equally upon everyone. What should we have hope in during the course of our living?

There is a reason for the Bible to warn us of end times beforehand. It is for us to watch, see what we should see and avoid what we should avoid. The Bible tells us how we can be preserved in such hard times and how we can be saved from the hardship.

Our only hope is in Jesus Christ. Jesus is only one who can preserve us completely. Whatever situation we may be in, Jesus will be with us.

Only one way of salvation for us is to meet Jesus Christ. There is no other way. Please read the Bible and come to the church. You will certainly be given the way of salvation.

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