For Reaching out to Israel:Tokyo Charismatic Meeting on Oct. 7th, 2012
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

The fusting prayer meeting in Shibukawa #2


We shared Psalm 122:6-9 and studied about pray for Jerusalem and mediation.

Our faith and burden for Jerusalm has been stronger.

The oil painting


This is the painting of Jerusalem by sister A who joined this meeting.

The painting #2


This is the golden gate by sister A.

A bookmark of mustard seed


One of Israel souvenir.

Real seeds put on the bookmark.

The fusting prayer meeting #3


Thanks God that he heard our little prayers.

The preparing prayer meeting for the service


We are singing ” Galilaia”.

Shalom shabat, Chag sameach


Shalom shabat ! It is a sabbath day’s greeting like today.

The Sukkot festival started from Oct. 1th. The greeting is Chag sameach.

“Live in booths for seven days: All native-born Israelites are to live in booths.”

Leviticus 23:42

“The day pray for peace of Jerusalem (DPPJ)” is a day of the first Sunday on Octber and it is around the Sukkot festival.




Day of Pray for peace of Jerusalem in last year


In the international service in last year.

To the golden gate


We pray and praise in front of the golden gate in Jerusalem every year, one of the 11 gate of the old city.

This pic is the team in November 2009.

Jordan river


This is Jordan river flowing in Israel.

We have a baptism at there in every year.


What we take with the travel


Most people should have the book, ” Chikyu no arukikata” means how to walk on the earth, which the most popular book of travel in Japan.

Of course, in the mission, the Bible.

This pic is the Israel dishes at the party of republished the book of Israel.



1200 meters


Jerusalem’s height above sea level is 825 meters .

The latitude of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are same but Jerusalem is colder than Tel Aviv.

The reason is height above sea level.

The dead sea is minus 417 meters above sea level.

The difference is 1242 meters.

The dead sea was appearing in 2 Chronicles.