For Reaching out to Israel:Tokyo Charismatic Meeting on Oct. 7th, 2012
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Western Wall


One of famous place in Jerusalem is Westarn Wall. As you face it, the left side is for male only, the right side is for female. If you have a chace, you will be able to see a coming-of-age ceremony, the Jewish people do at 13 years old.


Olive is famous


Olive is famous in Israel. First, I planned to buy a small amount of olive, but a seller said to me that they sold it fifty hundreds gram each. It was a good amount! A photo is a product for facial cleansing, which is made from olive. It makes your face skin soft and smooth.


The Old City


In the Old City of Jerusalem, many kinds of people are living there. There are Jewish Quarter, Muslim Quarter, Armenian Quarter, Christian Quarter.
There are 11 gates, but only 7 gates are open at present.


A safety belt was not !


There is the compulsory military service in Israel.
Sometimes before, when we are riding on a bus, there was a soldier who had forgot to fasten a safety belt of his gun. A gentleman who supposes to have served in the army once pointed that out to the soldier. Since the muzzle of his gun happened to be pointed to us, I was thankful to that gentleman.


Film making


I am making a film for the program “Pray for the peace of Israel” which will be held next week.
It took the time of 22:00 to 25:00.
This special program will start 18:00 of November 7th !

What we see more often than policeman


In Jerusalem, we see soldiers more often than policeman.
The picture is of parade of Jerusalem day.


Mr. Phillip


Mr. Phillip is the tall one wearing a suit like a white one in the center.

He is a Messianic Jew and a President of a tour company in Israel.

On the meeting at a hotel in Jerusalem


The Golden Gate


Every year

We have a worship
in front of the Golden gate in Jerusalem.

Western Wall


Here’s the western wall in Jerusalem.


The Mount of Olives


We are praying for Jerusalem,

with a view of the old city of Jerusalem

from the top of Mount Olivet.


Again, from the Mount of Olives.

A beautiful sunset.



The Mediterranean Sea Is Very Close


Tel Aviv is located very near the Mediterranean Sea.  We saw those who enjoyed swimming in the summer.