For Reaching out to Israel:Tokyo Charismatic Meeting on Oct. 7th, 2012
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

A new year in Israel


Israeli sweets information

It’s the sweets which are eaten in a new year. It’s named Ugatt Kinamon (cinnamon). It’s tasty with Israeli coffee.

San Remo Conference


Israeli Information

This is the photo of the materials that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs keeps even now. It’s the materials about Five Great Power Nations Conference included Japan, San Remo High Council and The Paris Peace Conference.

Before Israeli nation has been built in 1948, the border of Israel was allocated according to the law of the UN.

ECI tries to find the truth. That is one of the reason why they visited in Japan.

Sound mixer


Our special program “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem ” will be held in Tokyo Charismatic Meeting on Oct. 7.



Our Film Department is in charge of the planning of the program to be held the meeting for Israel. The is the photo that we have the meeting of the Film Department by Skype which is held on every Saturday night.

Setting Up Department


Th staff members of the Setting Up Department strength our prayers for “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem”.

Prayer time in the last year’s service


This is the photo that it was the time of prayer in the last year’s service.


Dance! Dance!


We’re practicing a dance with prayers for the peace of Jerusalem.

Now we have a meeting


Now our planning division have a meeting for the next meeting.

Terrorism were took place three times a week


When I lived in Israel, terrorism were occured three times a week at the most. My aquintance also became one of the victims and had to operated many times. I prayed for the peace from my heart.


Eating an eel is forbidden


The Jewish people are forbidden from eating an eel for the religious reason, which are against the Law. But at one time, the dispute about eel’s scales took place, whether an eel has scales or not. But I think it is an obvious fact that an eel doesn’t have any scale.


Next week


Next week, we will have a meeting,”Pray for the peace of Jerusalem” at the first half of Tokyo Charisma Meeting (from 6:00pm.)! Pastor Hikaru who is in charge of this plan is askikng Pastor Akimoto!
I hope this plan will be done in the best way!

To the meeting of “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem”


We have more a week! I heard that they are planning of simultaneous live broadcast connecting with overseas!
I can hardly wait!