Profiles of our Pastors

Paul Akimoto

Pastor Paul Akimoto was saved at an evengelical church. During his seminary school, he experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Peter Kubota

Pastor Kubota was saved through the efforts of Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke and his wife. He is a director of Film Missions. Pastor Kubota is also a writter of an article entitled "Peter Kubota's Favorite Hollywood Movies". He is from Hiroshima City.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Ezekiel Kitajima

Ezekiel Kitajima became a pastor in Kokubunnji in 1994. He later pastored a church in Niigata. He is now in charge of the churches in Hokuriku area. In 2011, he transfered to Tokyo Antioch Church. He is currently also a director of our newspaper called "The Voice". Recently, his belly became fat. He is from Yamaguchi.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Masako Hashimoto

Hashimoto Masako was the first person who was baptised with water in our church. She is the eldest member and eldest pastor in our church.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Jeremiah Miyashita

Jeremiah Miyashita was saved in 1976. In 1979, he was baptised while he was studying in U.S. After returning to Japan, he taught English at a public university in Hokkaido. Then he was led to Tokyo Antioch Church in 2003. As of now, he is a principal of The Lord's Cross Seminary School. He is from Hokkaido.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Timothy Yamakawa

Timothy Yamakawa was born and grew up in a traditional Japanese family that had shinto idols. But he was saved by knowing the Bible in his high school days. Since then, because of his love for gospel songs, he serves as one of our background workers to hold praise competitions and concerts consistently. He is a self-appointed commentariat. He is from Tokyo.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Mako Madoka

When she is not writing manga, her real name is Misuzu Kato from Aichi. Baptised in 1975, she reaches out to many people with her comics. Her book entitled "History of Christiany in Japan" (History of 26 martyers of Japan) will become a cartoon film.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Miyoko Kayano

Miyoko Kayano is from Kumamoto. She was a piano teacher in Kumamoto, and led many children to win prizes in piano contests. After transfering to Tokyo, she serves as one of our pianists and pastors. She is a leader of a gospel group called "Gifts". She enjoys serving as a pianist.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Junko Kato

Junko Kato loves nature. She used to enjoy hiking in the hills while carrying a tent pack for one-person. But as of today, she works hard for serving our church jobs and our publising jobs. She is from Saitama.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Peter Ayumu Majikina

Peter Majikina used to wander around the streets. But at the age of 26, he found God so that his life was changed from a "player" to a "co-worker". He is from Okinawa. He is one of the staffers in the NPO Cornerstone Orphanage.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Phoebe Hirota

Phoebe Hirota was saved as the age of 21. After that, she started to compose music. In 2013, she won the best music and the best lyrics awards. She serves as a manager in our computer company called "A Stone." She designs and creates websites. She was born in Niigata, but grew up in Tokyo. Her gospel group is called "Euqaristias".A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Ryoko Kobayashi

She is from Saitama prefecture. Baptised in the Evangelical church at the age of 16. The teachings of the words taught at that time are still treasures. At the age of 19, Christian life changed by 180 degrees due to the baptism of the Holy Spirit on the cross of the Lord. A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Israel Masako Sakaki

"15, 16, 17 and my life was dark ~ ♪ ♪" was changed to a life of joy and gratitude through encounter with God, not god donkeys, but gods as a female pastor of a donkey god and gospel To the whole world. Born from Tochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture. A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Masako Yoshida

Masako Yoshida serves as one of the staffers of our church school. She loves cats and dogs! She is one of the members of the gospel group called "By His Spirit". They often performe in front of the Koenji Station on Sunday in the evening. She is from Tokyo.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Naomi Takahashi

Naomi Takahasi grew up in a christian family. She was saved through her chronic disease. When she was a little child, she used to go out to the mountain and the sea. Especially, she loved to go fishing. Her favorite food is fish! She has impacted to us on our testimony webpage called "Christian Stopping By On The Way" with her gloomy voice. She is in charge of The Asia Department of The Water Frowing Sanctuary Mission. She is from Kochi.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Kazuhiko Amagai

Kazuhiko Amagai loves thunder and technology. When he was a student, he dived into an observation for technology. He worked for an electric company and lived for wireless communication. Then he engaged in jobs for cell phones. After serving as a business manager, now he serves God! As of today, he is a direcor of Astone Corporation. He is from Tochigi.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Joseph Sasanuma

Joseph Sasanuma is an international cordinator of "Pray for Peace for Jerusalem" which was organized by Jack Hayford. She is a publicity committee of the official publication of the Israeli embassy. She is also an associate editor of our newspaper called "The Voice". She is known under the nickname of "Fukuchan". She is from Hirosaki City, Aomori.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Samuel Nobuo Kasahara

Samuel Nobuo Kasahara, by the Lord's grace, dedicated his life to God instead of becoming an old clothes shop owner. He is a desinger for websites, publictions and CDs. He is also one of the members of the Internet Commitee and a member of our computer company called "Astone Corportaion". He is from Niigata.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Moses Hikaru Denishi

Moses Hikaru Denishi at the age of 19 had dreadlocks but his life was changed 180 degrees after hearing the seminar from Rev. Merlin Carothers on giving thanks in everything. Now he is in charge of the audio and visual system in our church. He is from Kyushu. He has a wife and three children.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Gabriel Yamada

Gabriel Yamada is a fourth-generation Christian since the Meiji period. He has been in our church since the beginning. First he attended the church to play bowling tournaments for fun. But after he heard God's voice, he dedicated his life to the Lord. He is from Tokyo. He is now in charge of the Internet Commitee.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Kyoko Sada

Kyoko Sada won many prizes for composing Yasuragi music. She was born in Tokyo, but grew up in Fukuoka.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Israel Imamura

Born from Fukuoka prefecture. When I was young, I dreamed of making a worship dance singing and dancing by Shiki Theatrical Company. However, it is fairly overweight now, it is also losing weight for health! The leader of The Gate of Praise. A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Megumi Inagawa

Megumi Inagawa loves bikes, animals, nature, drawing and singing songs. And now she is motivated by the lives of children who are growing up with their own unique ideas. She is from Tokyo.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Daniel Kiyoshi Mori

Daniel Kiyoshi Mori is from Kumamoto. After learning at our seminary school in Nagasaki, he pastored in Saga and Kushiro. In November 2012, he transfered to Tokyo Antioch Church. He is a leader of the gosple group called "PATOLIS". He is a person with a gentle heart despite his intemidating appearance.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Israel Tsujigo

Israel Tsujigo transfered from Omura to Tokyo. She performs live with the gospel group called "Hatikuva". She is a voice trainer. She loves animals and now she dotes one Chihuahua and two cats. She is from Omura City, Nagasaki.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Joseph Maeda

Born in Kitakyushu city, Fukuoka Prefecture. Giving up my dreams and graduating from junior high school at the same time dedication. I love gospel and a leader of Truth. In the church, he is in charge of sound. A pastor who likes cooking and has continued food and drink industry for more than 15 years. Father of three children. I have graduated from the Lord 's cross theological school.

Elijah Yamashita

Born in Nagasaki prefecture 1988 When He was desperate in his life he met Christ and believe in the gospel and be saved. God is led to a new way as an online pastor.

John Maeshiro

He is from Okinawa. He believe in Jesus when he was a student. After being sent to Nago from Okinawa Jerusalem church for 15 years of work, He got to work in Family Home in Koriyama city, Fukushima Prefecture. He is led to Tokyo Antioch Church from April 2017. A fascinating human being.

Masahiro Sato

2007, be saved believe in Jesus Christ in the middle of the journey of around Japan. Used experience of past work (entertainment relationship) is, and is involved in the work of such as video and concert of the church. From Tokyo.

Yohane Akimoto

He was born in a Christian home. Participate in Patomos team, his life was changed.Members of Gifts and kibbutz. The video part belongs.

John Taniguchi

Born in Christian Home but temporarily withdraw. Then, in the church returned by grace, devotion, to the pastor. TrueVine leader. I have graduated from the Lord 's cross theological school.

Paul Yumino

Paul Yumino worked in Kodak as a senior chief engineer. When he was in the U.S., he met Jesus and was saved. When he visited Israel, God called him, he devoted himself to the Lord. He pastored churches in Yokohama, Kobe and NY. Today, he is pastoring a church in Machida City, Tokyo. He is the director of Arechinikawa Music and a board of the NPO Cornerstone Ophanage. He also servies as a columnist in our newspapaer called "The Voice". He is from Kobe.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Jerusalem Sugisawa

Jerusalem Sugisawa is from Tokyo. At the age of 43, his life was changed 180 degrees from serving his job to serving God. On first sight, he may seem to be serious but actually he has a soft heart. He is an easygoing, white-bearded pastor.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Timothy Kobayashi

Pastor Kobayashi is in charge of the churches in Tohoku area. He is in charge of "Prayer Missions". Now he is working hard as a MC on our online television program called "The Time of Prayers". He is from Ibaragi Prefecture.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

John Mori

John Keiichi Mori is a leader of the Kansai singing group called "Splendor". He was saved in the Kyushu area. He has a wife and six children. As of now, his pastoring work in Kansai is his priority. He is from Kumamoto.A graduate of TLEA Seminary.

Isaiah Kihara

I am a second generation Christian from Osaka. I became a Christian while I was a university student in Tokyo. Married at the same time as graduation. Dedicated to the couple, then sent to Nagasaki for pioneering missions. The father of four girls and four girls, the head of the Kyushu area, and the vice president of the NPO foundation Stone Orphanage.