Bullying, depression, school refusal, no job, debt problems, marital, domestic discord, domestic violence, suicide, parent-child relationship, such experiences to solve problems such as divorce by God

Testimony given through thanksgiving

Experiences of people who received blessings by giving thanks when a problem or a difficulty arose "give thanks in all circumstances." 1 Thessalonians 5:18

God's Healing

Experiences of people who received healing from God

Enriched Family Life – Restored Family

Experiences of people who received God's blessings through problems in their families

Untitled Charles Duke (Testimony) (Auto-translation)

One of only 12 people walked on the moon. Untitled Charles Duke walked on the moon on Apollo 16 in 1972.

Untitled Dottie Duke (Testimony)(Auto-translation)

Untitled wife Dottie Duke Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke "The joy of grief"